Travel smart with these expert tips to reduce your expenses

The dream of travelling the country seems like a dream only to remain a dream if you are not very rich. However, you can actually fulfil the dreams of the traveller within you following several practices. If you are someone, who likes challenges and can do away with minimal comfort, then you can definitely consider these ways to reduce your costs while travelling.

Take Maximum Advantage of Credit Cards

Credit cards is a handy and most sorted tool for majority of your travel needs such looking for Mumbai hotel deals or bagging a deal on a hotel in in any city per se. You may also get good deals at booking flights or other travel tickets using credit cards so it is essential to keep a check on it.

Keep a check on booking sites

In order to get the best hotel offers in Mumbai deal, keep a check on the hotel rates even after you have confirmed your booking. It is good idea to register yourself with several hotel aggregators, this will provide you best deals and price drop notifications. By assuring that there are no cancellation charges on your previous booking, you can get a better Mumbai hotel deal. Many hotel gives out a fair deal as the try to fill all their rooms in the last couple of days. It is essential to note that you might not get this deal during the vacation season as the rush is high and hotels are full so don’t risk your bookings during this season.

Subscribe Newsletters

Don not forget to subscribe to hotel newsletters prior to planning your vacation. Popular hotels usually have a loyalty program or newsletter. Subscribing to such things will help you avail certain discounts and promotional deals. Majority of hotels introduce lucrative packages and hotel offers during festive seasons to stay ahead of their competitors. You can seize the opportunity of these deals and negotiate a great deal. Just assure that you keep a look on their latest offers and best hotel deals.

Consider Alternatives

If you wish to get fabulous deals on the last minute for your accommodation, you can consider alternatives for stay such as homestay, home rentals, etc. Some travel aggregators offering online hotel booking options also offer a category of like home stay and bed and breakfast options. You can also find a good place for local accommodation on dedicated sites like, which provide guaranteed last minute accommodation.

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