Destress Yourself at These Places in Mumbai

Noisy, crowded Mumbai has a strange way of letting you be by yourself if you want to – here are our suggestions for destressing when the going gets tough.

It is said that life in Mumbai is full of chaos and stress – and this is often true! But the undying spirit of Mumbai ensures that even when you’re down, you’re not completely out! There are ways to find your emotional equilibrium even in a city as packed and noisy as this – we’ve listed a few ways to destress in Maximum City:

* Go for a spa session. The best, and most obvious, way to destress is to book a spa appointment. Instead of heading to your usual salon, try a healing and relaxing session that removes all the stress from your body by going to a spa in Mumbai’s The Leela hotel[1]. ESPA, the popular spa in Mumbai, offers Ayurvedic, European and Eastern therapies with holistic experiences and high-grade hair and skin products to suit all skin types and temperaments. Restore your energy and rejuvenate your senses with facials, massages, and several treatments. You can also get a consultation from experts at this top-notch Mumbai spa to match you with the treatment that your body needs.

* Join a Zumba class. A fun way to get some destressing into your daily schedule, is to join a Zumba class. There are many good Zumba classes all over the city, and you can pick one that suits your timing and health profile. Zumba offers many physical and mental benefits, and it is an instant mood elevator. You can burn up to 1,000 calories in one hour of concerted Zumba, with different muscle groups receiving a fierce workout.[2]

* Take a walk on the beach. Mumbai is usually derided for being dirty and noisy, but it has pockets of tranquillity to offer as well. A good example of this is its beaches. If you want to collect your thoughts, or just be by yourself, head to the beach at Juhu, or Dadar, or Versova, and go for a long walk. Being by the sea has many health and spiritual benefits[3]. You will be left undisturbed on a Mumbai beach, and if there is a lot of crowd, you can plug in your headphones and just walk or sit on the sand watching the sunset. Plus, most beach fronts in Mumbai offer yummy snacks and ice creams as well, so you can have an early dinner there before heading home.

* Brush up on art and theatre. Mumbai has a vibrant visual and performing art scene. This is seen through its many art galleries, cinema halls, concert halls and open-air amphitheatres. The public is quite receptive to art in all its forms, whether they are skits performed on the road or a concert performed to a packed auditorium. Witnessing art has a profound effect on the psyche[4] – it helps you channel your creativity, become mentally fitter, and gain a better perspective of life. Head to Prithvi Theatre[5] for an avant garde theatre experience, or the South Mumbai art galleries to see what renowned and new artistes are doing, or just book a ticket and head to the latest blockbuster featuring your favourite actors.

* Get in touch with the wild. A bustling metropolis like Mumbai hides a surprising secret – it is the only city in the world to have a natural jungle and park within the urban limits, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP). SGNP is a vast and sprawling green lung in the middle of concretised Mumbai, with a lot of natural flora and fauna, and also the famous Kanheri Caves inside. You can also look at animals at the Byculla Zoo[6], or the fish at Taraporewala Aquarium.[7]








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