5 Places Companies Should Be Booking For Their Annual Conference In India

Business conferences, off-site events, meetings, annual award shows…all of these require the right business hotels. We give you five options in India.

Over the last five years, India has taken great strides in the world of business. Not just multinational entities, but the MSME sector is also going great guns with steady growth. As the business world evolves with new technology, companies are also becoming more global in their outlook. Gone are the days when a company would function in isolation – greater connectivity and rising competition today are fuelling the need for funding pitches and conferences.

If your company is planning a business conference or offsite event, or even an annual awards show, it will need to book a good business hotel in India. Take a look at our suggestions:

1 The Leela Palace Bengaluru[1]. This business hotel is located on the Old Airport Road and is a much-loved space for a variety of conferences, award shows, business meetings and other related events. It has a variety of spaces, from a humongous 4,400 square feet banquet room to a board room for 12 persons, with about 20 options in between. You will love the facilities on offer, and you can choose a space that suits the size and nature of your event.

2 The Leela Mumbai[2]. Mumbai is the financial capital of the country, and every significant business conference or meeting takes place in Mumbai before it does anywhere else. If you want to hold a conference in Mumbai, just book The Leela Mumbai – it is conveniently located near the airports, and it has a variety of banquet areas and meeting spaces to fit your needs. All attendees from Mumbai and outside can be comfortably accommodated here, and the rooms and suites are spacious and tastefully decorated for VVIP guests’ use.

3 The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences[3]. Gurugram has developed into a major node for business and commerce. It is an important counterpoint to New Delhi, and always in demand for national conferences and events of a large scope. The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences is a prominent luxury business hotel in India, and you could no better than this business hotel for your next conference, workshop or award show. The hotel’s rooms and residences are top notch, while it offers impeccable back up support and catering to make your event a rousing success.

4 The Leela Palace New Delhi[4]. An actual palace setting that doubles up as a business hotel? That’s The Leela Palace New Delhi for you. A princely setting and exquisite rooms and suites, plus over 21,000 square feet of banquet venues…combine these factors with the fact that every major convention or conference of a national nature is held in Delhi. Since Delhi is the epicentre for both national and international events, it makes complete sense to have your next business event in the capital – and specifically, at The Leela Palace New Delhi.

5 The Leela Palace Chennai. A lot of business events have been taking place in Chennai over the years, so if you have an event being planned, drop by at The Leela Palace Chennai to take a look at their facilities. This business hotel has not just the best rooms and suites, but also exquisite banquet venues (spread over a whopping 28,000 square feet area), award winning restaurants and superb on-site catering and back-up support for your event.

With five different venues to choose from, we’re sure your event will go off smoothly and successfully!

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