Useful Tips to Choose The Best Mattress & to Extend The Life of Your Mattress

Buying a mattress that fits our way of resting is very difficult since each person does it in a different way. The advancement of comfort technologies has expanded so much the offer that it is difficult to choose the one that manages to increase our quality of life while adapting to our needs and budget.

3 Different Ways People Ususally Sleeps on Mattress:

One of the most important points that must be taken into account when buying a mattress is the way in which we get to sleep, since each one of them adapts to our nocturnal movements.

  • If you are one of those who sleep on your back, the first thing you should notice is that the mattress is completely rigid so that it protects the spine and prevents the deformations generated by bad postures.
  • If instead you are one of those who sleep on your side , your ideal mattress will be one that has a medium firmness. You need to be adopted to your hips and shoulders to avoid getting up the next day with muscle aches.
  • Finally, if your case is sleeping on your stomach , you need to rest on a softer one than the others so you do not have pain in the neck or spine.

3 Types of mattress: 

Taking into account the way in which we reconcile the dream, we only need to know what are the types that exist and we can be sure to buy the one that will be our companion during the nights.

  • The viscoelastic is perfect for those who sleep as a couple. Nothing else lie in this one, you will have the sensation of being flying by the slight sinking that will avoid putting your body in pressure. This type provides the independence you were looking for since neither will notice the movement of the other due to its adequacy with the shape of the body.
  • The spring mattress has been accompanying us in our rest for a long time and that is because it is one of the favorites to sleep. It stands out because the springs provide a quick return to its initial position and it has a great firmness. This is suitable for those who transpire at bedtime, as they do not absorb any moisture.
  • The latex mattress has a hard and heavy firmness. It is the firmest of the three and also adapts to you. They are usually chosen by those who move a lot because the latex does not slow down the movements.

When we finally manage to find the ideal mattress for our rest, what we want is to be with us as long as possible. The purchase of a new one implies a great expense that we must invest if we want to get to sleep. For that reason, if you just got one, depending on how you sleep, as indicated by efurnitureuae; one of the best sofa repair in Abu Dhabi in their analysis , and if you follow these advice they give you below, you can make your mattress last more than 10 years.

The mattress care commandments 

Each mattress is a completely different world. For that reason, according to the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) after years of research, they have concluded that there are some steps that we must rigorously follow in order to extend their life for the maximum recommended time.

  • Out of humidity . This environment encourages the development of fungi in the mattress, so we must ensure that the bedroom is not wet or closed to eliminate them completely.
  • Just before making the bed, regardless of the month in which we are, we must open the sheets and ventilate the room so that the sweat that stays on the mattress evaporates. So that this is not in vain, it will take a while to finish doing it.
  • An adequate base is the key to prolonging the life of the mattress. But be careful as there are different types and you must choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Caring for your mattress with a cover and changing the bottom sheet frequently produces a longer life extension.
  • You will have to change the distribution of your mattress on a regular basis every three or four months so that the face that is down goes up for a while and the part where the head is goes to the feet. In this way, the mattress will better distribute the weight of your body, preventing it from sinking.
  • Finally, forget the vacuum cleaner or remove it to air. To clean the mattress the best way is with a hand brush.

Mattress care must be paramount in our list of obligations so we do not have to get rid of it soon.

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