Understanding Runners And Buying Runners Online

They are classy and an essential part of your bedroom décor. So what stops you from investing in a good bed runner rug? It makes your bedroom look really sophisticated and has more functional value than you think. This article discusses their role in bedroom décor and why you should buy one.

What is a bedside runner?

A bedside runner is a narrow piece of rug or carpet that is placed next to bed, normally along its side. The runner is rectangular in shape and much longer than it is wide. It helps to define the bedside area clearly through visual and physical demarcation.

Also known as an ‘area rug’, it is not to be confused with a bed runner, which is a narrow strip of cloth placed at the foot of the bed above the mattress to protect it from dirt and grime.

A bedside runner is placed on the floor to fulfil both functional and aesthetic objectives. It can add a beautiful dimension of colour to your room with its interesting pattern. However, it goes much beyond simply looking pretty – it protects the floor next to the bed from getting shiny or scruffy with regular use. This is the area of the floor with the maximum footfall, and also where you place your slippers before you slip into bed. The bedside runner ensures that you don’t slip by providing soft traction. Also, it feels nice on your bare feet when you wake up in the morning – this is important on cold mornings when the floor is too cold and your feet are not prepared for the shock of the change in temperature. Senior citizens and children find this feature especially attractive.

If the runner is large and pretty enough, you can even use it a piece of carpeting in your living room.

How to buy a bedside runner online

Leading home furnishings brands in India sell runners in a variety of colours and designs.

  • Study the area of floor next to the bed before you buy the bedside runner online. The bed must have a clear area of at least three feet on both sides if you are to place a runner on either side. Else, it will just cramp up the floor space.
  • Check the dimensions of the runner online. They are normally sold in 80 cm x 150 cm size.
  • Check the product’s care instructions. You can wash it in cool water with a liquid detergent, but do not add bleach to the wash. Do not dry clean the runner as well. You may iron it at a low heat and tumble dry on a low setting.
  • The online brand will have a set returns and exchange policy on bedside runners. Check it carefully – some brands do not offer a return or exchange of the product unless the original packaging or tags are intact.
  • Buy the bedside runner online and have it delivered to your home. You may start using it right away. Apart from intermittent washing, you may expunge surface impurities with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to give it a good clean every day if you have pets and/or small children at home.

How to use it Place the runner such that it is secure on the floor without becoming a tripping hazard. Iron out curling ends till they are flush with the floor. You can buy a runner that matches the floor colour, or the general colour scheme in your room. We recommend washing the runner once in two months after vacuum cleaning surface dust and particles.

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