Selecting a cool Bed sheet online- 5 handy tips

Selecting cool bed sheets online is not a piece of cake. There are several factors like seasonality, choice, requirement, and budget that you must keep in mind when shopping for bed linen online. You can always experiment with different patterns and designs to change the look of your bedroom. Some bed linen can be used all over the year while some can only be used in a certain season. You can add a blanket, coverlet or a few soft pillows to make your bed cozier and more welcoming.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting the ideal bed linen online:

  1. Know the fibre content- It is essential to know about the material of the bed linen available. Cotton is a go-to choice as it is affordable and soft. You can also opt for premium cotton-like Pima or Egyptian that have Extra-long staples. These are more durable and softer. The only drawback is that the extra-long staple material cotton is more expensive. There are also polyester-cotton blends that give a synthetic feel. The polyester is inexpensive, wrinkle-resistant and more durable. Personal preference also plays a big role in the type of fabric you choose online. Always think of your bed linen as a garment that you will have to wear for 8 hours a day. Linen is regarded as the ideal fabric for hot climates. They are very expensive but are long-lasting. 
  2. Thread count- Several manufacturing techniques help in making high thread counts without increasing the quality of the bed sheet. The increased thread count does not indicate the quality of the product anymore. Any available bed sheets online that have a thread count ranging from 200 to 500 are considered a sweet spot. 
  3. Weave difference- There are two options of weaving- sateen and percale. The sateen weave feels very silky smooth and is a satin weave. The percale weave is a grid-like basic weave that feels crisp and light. People have different tastes and preferences, but sateen weave is more popular. The type of weave greatly impacts the way you feel on the bed linen. Percale weave is tightly woven and lightweight which gives crisp bedding. Microfiber, on the other hand, has a dense weave that is super-tight, extra-soft, water-resistant and wrinkle resistant. Sateen woven bed linen feels ultra-soft and has a nappy texture that makes it perfect for cooler climates.
  4. Keep no assumptions- you must always measure your bed before buying bed linen online. You must also determine the after laundering bed sheet shrinkage. 
  5. Check return policy- Always check the return policy when buying bed sheets online. This is because you may not know how much you love and feel comfortable on bed linen until you have tried sleeping on it.Purchasing a product online is an easy task but things start being difficult when you think of returning it. So, double-check the return policy of the website you buy the product from, to save yourself the hassle. 

Lastly, there is a wide range of bed linen available online that you must try. Try to mix and match different colors, textures and patterns to get the desired cool look. 

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