What are cabinets without hinges today? Ineffective to put it simply! Growing demand for hinges in India testifies to evolving requirements of home owners. More people now want effective and smart hinges for their kitchen cabinets. Hinges come in various types with several features and benefits. They play indispensable roles in contemporary kitchens.

There are several varieties of kitchen cabinet hinges that you should take into account. They help in using space better, ensuring better functionality and also ensuring longer lifespan for furniture and woodwork. Hinges come with a variety of motions and one should choose carefully.

Popular hinges available today

There are several kitchen cabinet hinges which do the job perfectly in terms of absorbing pressure and increasing the lifespan of cabinets. Concealed hinges are immensely popular amongst customers. They are invisible externally and do not protrude unnaturally. Glass hingesare also attaining greater popularity amongst buyers nowadays.

Concealed hinges remain hidden from people when you close the cabinet door. They are also known as European hinges. They offer easier adjustment for doors and enable mounting and demounting of doors with a tool-free clip-on system. There are self-closing hinges which can close doors all by themselves, once left open. The recoiling action of the spring is what enables this motion without any hitches. Soft close hingesare also useful for controlled and slow closing motions of doors.

Finding the best hinge solutions

When it comes to hinges in India, one size does not clearly fit all requirements! There are multifarious types, kinds and features to be noted. It is better to consult an expert in this regard. Go for a brand that emphasizes on creating higher benefits for customers at home with top-of-the-line and highly innovative furniture fittings. Here are some of the innovative hinges in India that you can find.

  • Clip top motion- It fuses innovation and technology with award-winning structural design. It provides the best motion within smaller spaces with soft-close attributes as well. Soft and seamless closing of cabinet doors is ensured for every door irrespective of size, force or weight. The feature may be deactivated or activated as per requirements.
  • Modul- The slide-on and screw-fix attribute has been tried and tested for several years. This is one of the most functional hinges in Indiathat you will find. The hinge offers slide-on-front for cabinet assembly purposes. It has three dimensional adjustment for perfect gap alignment. The pull-out stop keeps doors firmly in place.
  • Clip top- Clip top is a classic hinge with better functionality. You can swiftly attach fronts or remove them without using any tools. There is 3D adjustment with a spiral screw. Mounting plates have cam height adjustment. You can combine Clip top hinges with soft-close motion technology or Tip-On mechanical opening support system.

For more such innovative hinges in India, check out the best furniture fittings and innovative solutions online. You are guaranteed to find something tailored to your preferences. Hinges play a vital role in enabling greater convenience while using kitchen cabinets.

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