How To Choose The Wall Clock That Fits Your Needs

With the age of digitisation upon us, smartphones and digital watches have taken over the realm of time-keeping devices, rendering wall clocks as more of a piece of decor than a functional tool. Although, when it comes to home furnishing in India, Wall Clocks continue to represent an ornamental piece that is still capable of attracting attention and respect through an elite interior look.

While you may be inclined to go for contemporary trends in sleek lines or blonde timber tones, there exist a few other pivotal factors that should dictate your final decision. On that note, let’s take a look at some points that will guide you in choosing and installing a wall clock that is both decorative and functional.

Choice of Size, Colour, and Material

While choosing the dimensions of your timepiece is heavily dependent on the wall size and your style statement, vibrant colour tones offer a way to elevate a room’s aesthetic appeal instantaneously.

It is best to buy a clock that complements the size of the wall it will be installed on. On the other hand, choosing a dark-coloured wall clock for white or a light-coloured wall would create the perfect contrast in your living room. You can always go with earthen tones coupled with smaller and refined hanging wall clock designs for a lighter effect.

But most importantly, decide on the type of material before visiting a store or looking up a wall clock online. For an artful masterpiece, handcrafted wood stands as the top choice. Other worthy alternatives are metal, plastic, and acrylic wall clocks. Silver-based wall clocks also offer a wide range of variety that complement almost all kinds of ambiences.

Choice of Style and Functionality

One of the tougher choices to make is between analogue and digital wall clocks. While analogue clocks are the most traditional, decorative, aesthetically pleasing, and make a bold statement, their digital counterparts are often backlit and display the temperature, date, etc., thereby valuing functionality over charm.

Styling options depend heavily on the kind of statement you want to make. For starters, you can choose a metal analogue model with Roman numerals for the vintage look or pivot and choose a monochrome or two-colour design for a more minimalistic appeal.

If you’re into industrial decor, don’t hesitate to jump on black iron, Roman numerals, no-face wall clocks that offer a mid-century modern ambience. Moreover, just playing around with wood, bright colours and patterns mimicking contemporary specific textures can result in a wholesome bohemian effect.

Choice of Room

If the clock is to be installed in a child’s room, it is better to opt for vibrant, fun alternatives to animate the wall space and add to the room’s energy. 

On the other hand, your kitchen might require a more subtle approach with a slim-lined and sleek design wall clock. On the other hand, rooms that cater to large gatherings often fare well with bigger wall installations. Therefore, even when hunting for a wall clock online, note the dimensions of the bulkier ones and see if they complement the space on the wall and the room.


Simply put, go for an analogue clock if you want a decorative piece that might make a little noise, or opt for the digital model if you value practicality and quietness above all. If you’re having trouble pinning the right size, consider the other elements on that wall, and most importantly, how far you’ll usually be when reading the time.

Wall clocks make for an integral part of home furnishings in India, and they must match the room’s palette and keep the decor style cohesive. The perfect timepiece suits your personality and adds an aesthetic appeal to your home ambience while blending in perfectly with the other pieces.

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