Timeless Décor & Furniture Styles That You Should Know About

Shopping for furniture anytime soon? A brief overview of home furniture styles and types is not off the mark, particularly if you have a deep-rooted interest in interior design and decoration. You can take a closer look at this brief guide to 4 key home furniture/interior design styles and types. This will naturally help you orient your personality towards particular design styles and choose suitable furniture pieces accordingly.

Traditional Designs- For a Regal/Elegant Touch

We’ve all heard of the evergreen phrase- Old is Gold! Nowhere is it more prevalent than the home furniture industry. Traditional furniture styles bring in that classic and elegant look with a pinch of retro/vintage swag for company! Traditional furniture styles seek to replicate classic European décor motifs, emphasizing greatly on clean design lines, simplicity and deeper colours along with wooden tones, decorative detailing and ornamental aspects.

Here are some key aspects of the same:

  • Curved lines, wings, classic silhouettes for forms.
  • Deep wooden finishes, richer cherry, brown, black and white colours.
  • Solid and rich upholstery in velvet, leather and silk along with cotton, linen and chenille in some cases.
  • Widespread usage of foliar, floral and damask patterns.
  • Decorative accents like throw pillows, embellishments, paneling and moldings.

Modern Styles- For a Stylish Vibe

Modern furnitureshowcases more simplicity with crisp design patterns, clean lines and neutral colours. This design style had its inception sometime in the 20th century as per studies.

Here are some interesting aspects of the same:

  • Crisp and clean design lines and silhouettes along with geometric patterns for forms.
  • Preference for plastic, wood, steel, glass, metal and natural wood too.
  • Neutral colours with gray, black and white. Glossy finishing is also preferred.
  • Sparse ornamentation with a little detailing at times.
  • Chosen fabrics include vinyl, leather, PU, faux leather and microfiber.

Contemporary Types- For A Sleeker Look

Contemporary design styles define much of what we find currently. It shares similarities with quintessential modern design elements. The furniture styles are fluid and more flexible.

Here are major attributes of the same:

  • Curved lines, geometric shapes and simpler silhouettes.
  • Plastic, metal, steel, glass and wood usage.
  • Glossy colour finishing with neutral shades like chrome, silver, gray and black.
  • Rare ornamentation.
  • Vinyl, microfiber, suede leather, leather and PU among chosen materials.

Transitional Styles- For Superb Fusion

Transitional home furniture styles are immensely popular in the current scenario, fusing classic and elegant designs with contemporary touches. This style may fuse regal and luxurious furniture with elements from Nature and modern-day materials.

Here are interesting facets of the same:

  • Curved or straight design lines, modern/classic silhouettes or a mix of the two.
  • Mixtures of glossy finishes and wood are usually preferred. Colour palette is multifaceted and diverse.
  • Decorative detailing is usually intricate with high craftsmanship; usage of elements like throw pillows as well.
  • Welcoming and comfortable upholstery like linen, leather, velvet or chenille.

Buying home furniture online is a refreshing process, with the array of products, designs and types to choose from.  Explore these furniture styles, match them to your personality and filter your choices accordingly! Happy shopping!

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