Three Interior Design Rules For Modern Homes

In interior designing, it is always good to go back to basics. The following three interior design rules for modern furniture and homes will transform the way you deal with designing rooms in your home manifold.

The 10-30-60-rule

The 10-30-60 rule for modern furniture interior designing is all about forming a perfect colour palette. Once the colours are decided, it is time to determine the role they’ll play in your design with the help of 10-30-60 rule. With this rule, you can easily select an accent colour, a secondary shade, and a dominant tone.

As the name suggests, your accent colour would be used for 10% of the space, secondary shade would take up 30% of the room, and the dominant tone would cover around 60% of the room. The dominant shade plays a significant role in your modern furniture design, and so it should be a neutral choice. The dominant tone is used for things like wall colour and floor coverings. The secondary shade can be bolder, and it usually fits for furniture. Finally, the accent colour is the most courageous choice of all, used for accessories.

The 3/3 vertical rule

The 3/3 vertical rule is formed on our desire to combine amazing outdoors with brilliant interiors. The concept created by McCauley goes like this: if nature were the viewpoint, the darkest colours would be near the ground like dark grasses, stones, and mud, the medium hues like of trees and plants would be in the middle, and the light sky-like colours would be at the top of the frame.

An elegant modern furniture interior design in this respect would work in the same way, with the darkest shade at the bottom, medium shade in the middle, and the lightest one on the top. This can be a helpful way to start for those deciding on a colour palette. The rule works with both monochromatic shades and colourful hues.

The rule of threes

The rule of threes is used for styling. After you have colours under control, it is time to work with your accessories. Purposefully styling surfaces and grouping modern furniture pieces is vital, so, when in doubt, follow the rule of threes.

Moreover, grouping odd number of pieces create a better visual than even numbered groupings. Even in the odd groupings, number three beats other odds! So, clustering in three is the best idea.

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