Take a Peek into the Top 6 Luxury Designer Furniture Brands

What a luxury designer furniture can do to enhance the beauty of your home, only a few other pieces can do. Today, for your living room many fantastic luxury designer furniture are available from many big brands. Have a look below at the top 6 brands to get a perspective:

  1. Poliform

Poliform has a comprehensive product range that carries the design idea of Poliform house with styled and compatible components. Because of its exceptional versatility of modular systems, it runs a global project for each architectural situation. The brand dedicates its productive and creative resources to a parallel and complementary activity of substantial residential and commercial projects.

  1. Christopher Guy

Christopher Guy is famous for fusing classics with contemporary. Its style can be described as modern with classical values. The designs carry a singular vision and an uncompromising style with a pursuit of elegance. The above virtues have continually driven Christopher to redefine the aesthetics of a design.

  1. Edra

Founded in 1987 in Tuscany, Italy, Edra is a brand that comes from a land rich in history, art, culture, and artisans. The name of the company is derived from Greek word ‘exedra’ that means a meeting place for having philosophical discussions. The brand presents original designs born with an unprecedented conglomeration of craftsmanship and technology, & tradition and innovation. The designs are inspired by a continuous quest for high quality, new shapes, and new materials.

  1. Kartell

Kartell is a home furnishing design company founded in Milan in 1949. Kartell combines creativity with innovation and glamour to create a unique plastic style icon collection. Glamour and functionality, quality and innovation, and creativity and technology is an extraordinary combination implemented by Kartell. The brand is a leader in design and addresses an international clientele with a unique and original collection with a variety and depth in range.

  1. Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware is one of the most innovative luxury brands in the home furnishings industry. Positioned as a lifestyle brand, it offers dominant assortments across many categories such as furniture, lighting, textiles, bath ware etc. It has a fantastic collection of timeless and updated classics and their reproductions.

  1. Roche Bobois

The Roche Bobois Group is regarded as the world leader in high-end furniture designing and distribution. In home furnishings, it has elite positioning as a spearhead creator.

As a testimony to its dynamism, the brand launches an exclusive new collection every six months and continuously ranks among the most talented furniture brands. It has an excellent international reputation.

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