Sofa Design Types Present in the Market

Before buying a sofa, check if the sofa is fit to accommodate your family members, if it is comfortable enough, and if the colour and sofa design matches the rest of your home decor.

With so many options and many sofa design ideas, it is confusing to select the right sofa.

A well-crafted sofa is an inevitable necessity for every home decor. Due to the scarcity of space and compact rooms, sofas with storage facility tend to be a logical option for most homes. Skim through the below content to know about various sofa types present in the market:

L-shaped Sofas

A sectional sofa set like an L-shaped sofa efficiently uses the corner space, giving extra space to your living room.

Wooden Sofas

Wooden sofas gives you old world charm coupled with new age comfort. An upholstered seat on a wooden sofa makes it look classy.

Sofa cum Beds

Sofa cum bed is a versatile choice among urban dwellers. You can use it as a regular sofa, as an additional seating, or as a bed.

Modular Sofas

If you would want to change up your sofa set to suit your needs, modular sofas is where your search ends.


Futons provides a cool and contemporary lounging space in your living room. A futon style sofa can transform from seater to sleeper quickly.

Storage Couch

A sofa with storage underneath is an ideal example of furniture with space-saving potential. It’s multifunctional, comfortable, and offers style in the most convenient way possible. Wooden couches with storage compartments maximise the space while reflecting one’s personal taste. Such type of furniture choices not only result in space efficiency but also provide the ease of storing additional home belongings.

Also, storage sofa design ideas are low on pocket as employing it prevents spending much on an extra item of furniture that is not required. Plus, sofas with storage come in various types and can add a touch of chic or suave-depending on one’s taste. Sectional sofas with room are one of the most opted for as they offer comfort while being space-efficient.

Leather sofas

A leather sofa provides utmost comfort and style to your living room decor. It can be expensive than rest of the sofa types but would add regal vibes to your home.

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