Most Functional & Stylish Materials for Coffee Tables in Dubai

For decades and decades, coffee tables have been a mainstay of living rooms in Dubai. From being plain tables, they have developed into some of the most complex structures found in modern homes.

However, the majority of coffee tables in Dubai are made of the same materials and elements. Therefore, we are here to showcase some of the greatest, most well-liked, and long-lasting material options accessible to provide a breadth and scope of choice when it comes to buy furniture online in the UAE.

Marble Coffee Tables

Coffee tables in Dubai made of marble are highly durable and multifunctional. A marble coffee table is the perfect choice if you want something that is both sturdy and heavy and has the wow factor.

Many people believe that marble is only one colour, or “cream.” In reality, marble is available in a wide variety of hues, allowing you to design the ideal marble coffee table. This style of table will look great next to charcoal or cream leather sofas if you like statement pieces of furniture.

Glass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables can be manufactured to order if you’re willing to pay more and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs. A glass coffee table is a key piece of furniture that is adaptable and durable and can add a touch of sophistication to any living space.

Some glass coffee tables in Dubai have sturdy glass legs to increase the “transparent” impression, but others have either wooden or metal legs, which don’t sacrifice either style or strength.

Wooden Coffee Tables

For example, wooden coffee tables can be the ideal addition to your home if you want to give it a “farmhouse” feel.

You can discover wooden coffee tables in Dubai that have been sawn/put together using the raw materials, offering a “natural” look, or you can get wooden coffee tables that have been sanded down and treated, offering a “smooth and sleek” design.

Gloss Coffee Tables

Gloss coffee tables are frequently made of durable plastic that has been coated in a glossy finish to give the table a shiny material.

A gloss coffee tables in Dubai  can be the perfect choice for you if you reside in a chic and contemporary home or apartment. Gloss coffee tables are frequently constructed in unique designs due to their robustness, which adds to their attraction and curiosity.

Leather Coffee Tables

Coffee tables in Dubai with leather tops frequently appear as a kind of ottoman-coffee table hybrid. When not utilising the item as a table, the material covers a plush padding, creating a nice surface where the owner can rest his or her feet up. These are a very unusual variety of coffee table, frequently accompanied by wooden drink trays for support.

Designer Coffee Tables

As the name implies, designer coffee tables can be any of the aforementioned types. However, just because they are referred to as designer coffee tables doesn’t mean their pricing is also “designer.”

Even though some designer coffee tables in Dubai are more expensive, you can typically get some gorgeous-looking designer tables in well-known stores.

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