How to Make Statement Furniture Work

Everyone loves the idea of luxury furniture as they make for a good statement. There’s always a way to make even the most eye-catching pieces work in your home. Multiple luxury furniture showrooms give you a glimpse of how that piece of furniture will look. This process is called staging and is one of the best ways to know whether a piece of furniture will suit the surrounding setting. Hence, visiting a luxury furniture showroom is one of the best options to opt for.

However, if finding a luxury furniture showroom is a bit difficult for you, here are a few tips on how to make statement furniture work.

  1. Let it Stand Out: If you are trying to create a statement with a single piece of furniture, then ensure it stands out. Keep other things smaller or less ornate. Adding too many statement makers will lead to a loud look.
  2. Mix it Up: Get clear on what type of furniture it is. Once you have that sorted, then try mixing it up with dark or light hues, geometric or stripes, etc. This is one way to make the room stand out. However, try to do something that is not like a piece that’s already in the room.
  3. Choose Basics: Sometimes, going back to the beginning is the best. You are going to want to stick with accent colors that are a complement. Try not using a similar tone, and however, if they can complement or stay in an analogous color scheme, it will create balance.
  4. Rule of Three: When incorporating a piece of furniture, forget about matching everything. Try adding color to a room in three different accent areas. It is not necessary that you must use that much color to make it feel like there is color in the room.
  5. Play with Patterns: If the statement-making piece has a pattern on it, then do not be afraid to combine it with other patterned accents. For a pattern, it’s generally best to not mix a lot of patterns that all have the same scale. Instead, opt for a large pattern like a bold stripe and pair it with a small print to create balance.
  6. Take a Risk: At the end of the day, it is your style that matters. Hence, do not be afraid to play with rooms and areas. Sometimes, you have shuffle and sometimes the smallest tweaks that can make a statement and create a balance.
  7. Choose a Focal Point: Certain pieces are more secondary like an end table, mirror or nightstand. Thus, if you are looking for your statement piece to increase the wow factor, choose a focal point in the room that will fix everyone’s attention to the statement piece.

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