Five Modern Sofa Designs to Spruce up your Living Room Décor

The living room has prominent importance in our home. Our meet ups with our guests mostly take place in the living area. So, the living room décor should be done neatly by taking care of everyone’s convenience. The furniture these days is not bulky or flashy like it was used to in olden days. The modern day furniture is more elegant, compact and has more utility. Sofa plays an important role when it comes to the discussion of living room setup. For a beautiful living room, a beautiful sofa is necessary hence, we should pay attention to having a suitable sofa. Let us have a look at some cool living room décor ideas.

Some popular sofa designs for living room

1. Modern 3 seat grey velvet sofa

Velvet sofas always make a style statement. Velvet has that comforting texture which is available in gorgeous colors. This modern 3-seat sofa has a very simplistic design with a beautiful velvety cushion. It leaves great impression with its sophisticated and stylish look. It offers a great comfort and is also easy to set up. 

2. Mid-century style futon

The mid-century style futon is one of the best pieces for those who are running out of space. It is a compact and a multifunctional piece, which serves both the purposes i.e. as a sofa and also as a bed for the guests. Inspired by the Scandinavian design, this sofa is comprised of stylish fabric and vivid color. Thus, it is very versatile. It is a must-have piece.

3. Modern style sleeper sofa

Sometimes we need bigger than usual thus modern style sleeper sofa serves just the right purpose. This pull-out sofa cum bed offers you versatility in the single piece of furniture without compromising on the space. These sorts of sofas are extremely important for unexpected guests. It contains a full sized bed, which is very comfortable to have a good sound sleep.

4. Modern sofa with storage

Like we said earlier, the modern day sofas have more utility and this one is the perfect example of it. This sofa is wonderfully designed with plenty of storage space in it for books, sketchpads, newspaper etc. It provides an elegant charm to your living room without occupying extra space.

5. Circular cushion sofa

It is a kind of unusual design with a circularly shaped cushion. The interesting thing about this sofa is that you can pull out the sidepieces, which can be used separately. It is not only versatile but it looks good with its first impression. The middle portion of the sofa can work as a table.

Finding an appropriate couchdesign for living room is essential as it is the essence of that room. It is a common place for gathering so you must ensure you get the right one. The market has countless varieties of such sofas where you will surely find a suitable option.

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