Some Random Tips on Designing a Kids Bedroom

Let me cut to the chase and list down some random tips on designing a kids bedroom:

  • Know your kid well before designing his/her bedroom. As in know the kids likes, dislikes, dreams and passions and include the same in the kids bedroom ideas.
  • Make sure that the unique personalities of your kids are captured in the designing of the room. Like if his/her favourite colour is blue, use that information.
  • If your kid is interested in travelling and has a curious mind, use the information in designing the theme of the bedroom. You can use a large blue rug to make the colour a prominent one in the room. You can use a tinge of yellow to lift the blue and avoid the dark and dreary features of the colour blue. Add world map on one wall and a small compass mural paint on the other to elicit kids travel goals.
  • Make the space as light, bright, and stylish as possible and make it so as it reflects the kids personality.
  • Know while contemplating kids bedroom design ideas that you are decorating it for someone that grows pretty quickly.
  • Employ gender-neutral designs. Decorate it bright and natural with contemporary designs.
  • Add little elements like bean bags, lights, and blackboard to give the room a warm feeling.
  • Place the kids bed in the corner by a large window.
  • While decorating a kids bedroom, maximise storage.
  • Employ kids bedroom interior ideas that bring fresh, and bright feel to the room.
  • Maintain a cosy feel with a soft throw on the bed for tucking it in the night and a cushion for casual lounging.
  • Conveniently position things like bedside light, bedside table and storage below the table for toys.
  • Put a laundry bag by his/her bed to encourage tidiness.
  • Put a large shelf of favourite books by the bed to encourage reading.
  • Also, leave space on one side of the bed to let the kid play with his/her friends.
  • Pastel colours are a great choice to paint walls in the children’s bedrooms.
  • Mix pastel colours to get a calming colour scheme.
  • The use of wall stickers is one of the good kids bedroom interior ideas as the stickers are quicker and cheaper to use as compared to wallpaper. Choices like triangles, clouds, little dots etc. are some of the many options.
  • Storage is important. Employ a witty side table design in your kids bedroom design idea.

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