Small Bedroom Design Ideas that are Perfect

Finding design-savvy ways to create extra storage space in a tiny room magically isn’t always easy. There are multiple design ideas available for small bedrooms. From adding furniture pieces to décor accessories and more, there is an inspiration all around. To help make your life a little easier, and a lot more organised, here are some of the best small bedroom design ideas and design solutions. Be it wall-mounted shelves, to swings and cabinets, these clever ideas are designed to maximize a storage-deprived space with efficiency.

–    Bed storage makes a huge difference in a small bedroom. Choose a bed with built-in cabinets as they help save a lot of space, and give you a chance to store useful items, used on a daily purpose.

–    Floating Shelves turn even the smallest bedroom into a streamlined storage display. Floating shelves can be used as an office station, store your favourite books, mini home décor motifs, and much more. Apart from being space efficient, they also add a streamlined look to the room.

–    Try using a room divider. For example, a bookcase that doubles as a room divider can work wonders for a cramped room. It’ll designate your sleeping space but also make space between your books and décor.

–    Hanging garments on a wall-mounted rack is a clever way to score more closet storage without taking up an inch of floor space. Moreover, a dresser underneath creates the perfect dressing area.

–    Another most opted for trick to create an illusion of more space is by adding mirrors. Big mirrors are a treasure for a small space. They not only open a tiny bedroom by making it appear large but also help bounce the light around the room so that the space feels brighter.

–    Get creative with shelving! A cool hanging shelf allows you to store your favourite trinkets and displays your beloved décor motifs, without taking up any floor space.

–    Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t accessorise. Moreover, you can consider adding bold pillows, colourful art, and layered textiles, as neither of this will take up any more floor space.

–    A floating desk is perfect for a small bedroom design. A wall-mounted shelf beautifully doubles as a personal desk and mounts directly to your wall for added efficiency.

–    When doing up your bedroom, don’t overlook the foot of your bed. Try placing a storage bench, baskets or even crates at the foot of your bed. It will typically take up only about a foot of space, but the payoff is invaluable.

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