Hello Pastels! Bye Bye Neutrals

First, there was beige, white and gray. Then came unicorns, flamingos, and ice cream. What’s next? Their lovechild- rich, chalky, pastels. People are slowly moving away from traditional colours and opting for lighter, fresher hues like pastel pink, minty green, and lilac when it comes to selecting home furnishing products.

The new big trend, indeed, is pastels used as new neutrals.

Pastels can transform any space to bring an aura of warmth. Everything comes together in a new whole mood that is softer, brighter and toned down. Popping up more and more in minimal design, pastels have long been known for their ability to create a soft, relaxing look and feel in the home.

With so many new pastel options in the market, it can be hard to decide how to incorporate this trend of pastel colors into your home.  But, we’re here to help! Below, we’ve compiled 4 home decor ideas with pastels.

Keep It Neutral

To keep the look neutral choose pastels that are deeper, grayer and richer in tone. This portrays a very calm and visually quiet look. Use minimal pieces so the tone doesn’t shift from soothing to overwhelming. It’s the carefully placed combination of whites, beige, and pastels which works so well to create an air of calm.

Keep It Adventurous

If your room is heavy on neutral colors already, perhaps gray or white – or even dark tones such as navy or black – adding some pops of pastel is an easy way to instantly update the space. Feeling adventurous? Try mixing two contrasting pastel shades to add some punch to the room. Spaces.in offers you a wide variety of simple, decorative objects in pastel hues such as cushions covers, bedsheets, blankets, towels, rugs, etc.  Place them throughout the room for a quick and easy room refresh.

Keep It Muted

Step away from the rainbows and unicorns and welcome a calmer tone. From dusky pinks to mint grey, toned down pastels works the best. Paired with linen textures and natural wood tones, the pastel decor trend can work wonders for your room.

Keep It Yellow

If you’re concerned your home is going to look like it’s inhabited by Little Pony and Barbie, there is a quick fix. Include contrast with black, mustard yellow and tropical deep green vegetation. A few black details like the framing make all the difference to keep it modern and add contrast.

There are plenty of ways to work with the pastel decor trend and we definitely love ourselves some whimsy.  What do you think? Yay or nay?

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