Colour me purple: Using this bold hue for the home

What seems like an odd colour to use around the house can actually create an interesting effect. We present 5 home décor tips using purple.

Of all the colours to use around the house, purple often ranks quite low. Not many people are open to experimenting with this colour, but you can – using our beautiful home decoration tips:

Start your own purple reign: 5 home décor tips using the colour purple

1 Have an accent wall.

The best way to use a bold colour like purple is to have an accent wall to highlight a prominent art work or photographs, etc. One beautiful home idea using purple is to paint a small wall in the living room to hang artwork and photographs, or one wall in the bedroom on which you fix a large ceiling-to-floor mirror, or have a large picture window. It adds a pop of colour to an otherwise drab room, without seeming intimidating.

2 Have a purple carpet in the living room.

Purple can overpower the other colours and furniture elements in the room, especially when you use it vertically (i.e. on walls, or furniture). But try this simple home décor tip using purple on the floor, in the form of a carpet in the living room. Add cohesiveness with the overall colour scheme by having a purple wall hanging, or a set of purple shelves in the living room.

3 Use purple drapes and upholstery.

Another beautiful home decoration idea incorporating pops of colour in the house, especially if you have pastel colouring all over the home, is to have purple coloured furnishings. But remember two things: Do not have purple on all the furnishings and drapes, or the entire effect will become visually too heavy. Another thing to remember is that it is passé to have purple pops of colour in an otherwise white coloured house – contrast with interesting hues like lemon yellow, sky blue or bone green.

4 Go purple in the bathing area.

Another great area for experimenting with purple is to use it in the bathing area. If your bathroom is small, then go for a lighter hue so that the space doesn’t look smaller. Lighter hues reflect light much more, so the space looks bigger than it is. You can go for a deep purple if you have a spacious bathroom. A good home décor tip to try in the bathroom is to have a series of purple tiles interspersed with another colour instead of uniformly purple walls – it breaks visual monotony.

5 Try purple in the children’s room.

Your children will love having purple in their room – kids love bright and deep hues, and purple can be an exciting addition to the room décor. Instead of having purple walls, try purple and lilac drapes and furnishings.

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