Blum's convenient Legrabox system- Decoding how it works

Innovation is the biggest driving force in almost every industry today, along with advanced technology. The furniture industry is no exception to this trend, particularly when it comes to home and kitchen cabinets and drawers. Several new options have emerged in recent times that have become popular amongst homeowners for their functionality, efficiency, and robustness. One such creation is the convenient and stylish Legrabox system from Blum, one of the most reputed global brands in the industry. Here’s learning a little more about the same and how it works.  

Blum Legrabox- A deeper glimpse into this innovative creation  

Legrabox drawers from Blum is a novel box system which is tailored to modern-day needs. You can personalize your Legrabox drawers and transform them into innovative pull-outs and drawers alike. Here are some things that you should keep in mind in this context:  

  • You can use a handy design selector or Product Configurator to create your own design for the Blum Legrabox drawers.  
  • Customizable designs are also in sync with contemporary trends, while some with straight side panels on the exterior and interior. They are considerably slim, measuring only 12.8 millimeters. They can thus be integrated easily into any furniture without any hassles.  
  • You can use branding as a part of the Legrabox design if you wish. You can customize the same with the logo or name of your own brand. Buyers can also laser engrave and print the same into the side of the drawer directly.  
  • All components of the creatively-designed Blum Legrabox are coordinated impeccably and this enables the best possible transitions both internally and externally.  
  • Legrabox drawers offer cutting-edge technologies like the BLUMOTION S profile and lower opening forces. They come with synchronized and feather-light glides while ensuring flexibility in terms of executing three unique motion technologies. The soft-close functionality is also adaptable based on the motion technology that you select.  
  • Legrabox offers unsurpassed performance while being completely extended and bearing heavy loads. The cabinet ensures lower sag volumes while also enabling smoother running actions even with heavy and wide pull-outs. This is possible due to the carrying capacities of 40 and 70 kg that you can avail of.  
  • High fronts are steadily attaining popularity in modern kitchens and Legrabox harnesses this with an innovative front fixing bracket. This ensures the highest possible stability while closing and opening the pull-outs and drawers alike.  

Now that you have an idea about the basic features of the Legrabox and what makes it special, here’s taking a look at some of the types available in the category at Blum.  

Types of Legrabox drawers that you can choose 

There are quite a few types of Legrabox drawers available at Blum. Here are two of them:  

  1. Legrabox Individual- It enables the highest possible customization. You can fuse various materials and colors, while also deploying laser texturing, printing, and embossing as per your needs. They are minimalistic drawers with silk-white exteriors which look lovely against the front wooden texture. The inner side comes with Orion grey matt finishes while the branding element is the icing on the cake. The carbon black matt side is printed with a stylish geometric pattern for that special touch. Light wood is used with other natural materials while there are diverse colors to suit every need.  
  1. Legrabox pure/Legrabox free- These enable exclusive matt colors and a more sophisticated look and feel with stainless steel that has anti-fingerprint capabilities. The metal drawers come with lovely finishes and enables height C high fronted pull outs that you can tailor as per the design. You can have highlights in wood, glass, stone, and leather, among other materials. The pure variety has flowing and classy lines with signature colors while the free range comes with creative elements that you can add to the design.  

As you can see, Legrabox is a fascinating invention by Blum that has made life easier in the kitchen, especially from a functional perspective. At the same time, you can customize it entirely to fit your needs, particularly if you look at the materials, branding, colors, and textures. There are on-site customizable design choices for maximum flexibility too. Here’s to enjoying unmatched usage experiences with Blum Legrabox drawers.  

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