Bathroom Ideas for Smaller Bathrooms

When you have a tiny bathroom, making everything fit in is pretty tricky and requires a lot of wise thinking. Among the challenges are configuring the toilet and sink, allowing enough shower clearance, finding a place to put the towels etc. In spite of the difficulties, a bathroom idea with enough room to bath is desperately needed. Following are some inspirations to help you find correct small bathroom design ideas:

Extend the over-the-toilet counter: This arrangement is possible with a stone or wooden slab. The extended counter creates space for some essential items. Also, the look is clean and minimalist.

Employ a large-scale pattern: A large-scale pattern like wide stripes can make your bathroom space look expanded. With this bathroom interior idea, footage might look the same but the space will appear bigger.

Install the sink in the corner: A pedestal sink can highly disrupt ease of movement in a bathroom. Also, placing a corner sink across from the toilet works better than putting it across from the shower.

Install a vanity with one shelf: Pedestal design has gotten minimal. A pedestal style with one shelf can hold towels or toilet paper quite easily.

Add the vanity: The bathroom design idea with the vanity helps the bathroom appear visually more significant. Also, mounting it above the floor frees up space for small items.

Round the vanity: Small spaces can make sharp corners hazardous. It is better to opt for a rounded vanity if its edges are getting in the way.

Use a curtain: A shower curtain that can be moved back and forth saves space over a glass door moving in and out. Also, smaller shower-tub combos can fit even in small areas.

Expand the mirror: In a tiny space, having a mirror stretch across the wall can enable it to be used by two people at once.

Mount towel bar on the door: Mounting a towel bar on shower door keeps the towel handy even in smaller bathroom designs. You can store bulk of your towels in a nearby linen closet, but the towel bar will be the most handy option.

Install a trough sink: A narrow, clean trough sink is a perfect space solution. When wall mounted, trough sinks free up floor space for foot traffic.

Skip the shower door: For tight conditions, consider installing a glass panel instead of a glass shower door. It will keep water in the shower area and will provide with the needed elbow room in the bathroom.

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