A Few Bathroom Design Ideas

A bathroom is an important space in a home where one freshens up and clean the body. Let us take a look at bathroom colours, lighting, bathroom ideas for flooring & walls, and some bathroom renovation ideas in this article.

Suitable Bathroom Colours

The colour scheme is the crucial part when it comes to bathroom design ideas. Dark or contrast colours are advised only when you have a large bathroom. You can use dark shades for a particular wall, not everywhere.

The light colour shades are best suitable for the smaller ones. The brighter colours offer the feel of large space due to the reflection of the light. Neutral colouring also suits the other stuff such as brush holders, soap trays, basin and trappers, paper holders and so on. The curtains should always complement the overall wall-tone.

Bathroom Ideas for Lighting

When the bathroom lighting is considered, it is essential to consider the size of the bathroom. A congested area is quite trickier to focus; thus, you need to arrange the lighting in such a way that it gets reflected in almost every corner. The lights should be placed strategically to make the room brighter.

The cabinets and mirrors can be decorated with some and colourful lights whereas the main ceiling light should be more powerful to cover up the entire area.

Bathroom Ideas for Flooring and Walls

Today, a wide range of options are available to decorate the inner walls of the bathroom, from which you can opt for the best suitable one, depending on the theme you have chosen for the bathroom. The traditional bathroom styles often need robust wooden flooring which is comparatively easy to maintain.

Wooden furniture when exposed to water has moisture penetration into furniture, and this spoils the look of the furniture and deteriorates the durability of furniture. This can be prevented with the use of the right quality materials. Contemporary bathroom designs use synthetic tiling, marble or ceramics for walls and flooring.

Bathroom Renovation

Constructing something new or renovating needs a few important things to be considered like the budget. Today, different modern bathroom designs are available in the market. At times, replacing all the bathroom accessories might be expensive. In such cases, focus only on the necessary things and smaller add-ons to get a fresh look to your bathroom.

It is not always needed to renovate the entire structure; some small changes can also help to transform the overall appearance and ambience of the bathroom. For example, replacing old racks, curtains, or bathmats can be marvellous; or adding some new accessories may bring the recharging look to the bathroom.

Today, people are more inclined towards wooden cabinets that look more attractive and allow a high level of customisation. If the cupboards have curved or vertical surfaces on which laminate pasting is to be done, use a proper binding material.


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