A brief guide on buying bath linen

Your bathroom is that one of those spaces where you get to spend most time with your thoughts. Who doesn’t love to soak in a bubble bath or take a relaxing shower after a hard day’s work? It is that one place where your alone and it has to exude calm, serenity, and comfort.

It is important then that your bath products also takes a place in the overall scheme of your bath decor.

Your bath linen comprises of, and is not limited to bath towels, bath mats, bathrobes, and turbies. When choosing these, remember to keep in mind absorbency, softness, and durability. Absorbency plays a huge role in towels and mats as they come in contact with wet areas of your body more and need to ensure you dry quickly and avoid slipping.

Softness is important, especially if you have sensitive skin and opt for pure cotton rather than polyester or synthetic to ensure you don’t run into any harshness. While it’s recommended you change the linen at least every 6 months, there are premium quality bath linen products available that can last longer without compromising on the softness or colour fading. Head over to www.spaces.in to find durable bath linen online made from finest quality cotton keeping your needs in mind.
Here are a few important factors you must consider before shopping bath linen online.

Size & Colour: The size and colour of your linen should match with the decor and you should opt for pastel colours for towels and lighter colours for bathrobes and turbies.

Material: The material or fabric used for each linen varies according to its application. You can choose the HygroCotton range from SPACES which are made from unique hygro cotton that has a hollow core and dries quicker than regular cotton and becomes softer after each wash. It is a technological innovation.

GSM: Gram per square meter is the standard measurement of the fabric quality. The higher GSM linen would mean more thickness and more absorbency at the cost of higher weight and slower drying time. Every item in your bath linen has a specific function and you should choose the GSM for each of them based on its purpose.

Maintain your bath products  by following these simple steps

  • Wash new bath linen before use.
  • Use a colour-sensitive detergent for coloured towels and bathrobes.
  • Shake towels well before loading them into the machine.
  • Avoid bleaches, oils, and face creams.
  • Rinse your hands of any chemicals before handling the bath products.
  • Use fabric softener sparingly.
  • Dry your bath linen on low heat and air dry to fluff up the fibre
  • Use distilled white vinegar once a month to prevent fading and odours.
  • Replace bath linen on an average of every year.

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