7 ways to redecorate your bathrooms on a budget

Just like the rest of the rooms, the bathroom needs your attention too! Often times, we don’t renovate our bathrooms until there’s a major leak or problem. This room also deserves a splash of style. Here’s how you can redecorate your bathroom on a budget:

1. Use every available space

In most bathrooms, there is plenty of unused space underneath your sink. You can place wire or fibre baskets under the sink. These baskets can provide necessary storage for towels, bathrobes and other linens.

2. Install bold knobs

While your redoing your bathroom, why not change the look of your cupboard? You can find cool funky bathroom knobs at any arts and craft supply stores. Lightweight painted resin knobs are inexpensive and are a great choice for your bathroom.

3. Place bath rugs outside your bathroom

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while redecorating is by placing a rug inside your bathroom. Wall-to-wall carpeting is not a good idea, as bath rugs can’t properly cleaned. Bathroom floor harbor germs and attract mold. A machine-washable bath rug is a good idea as they can be washed every few days and can be dried on the side of the rub. Looking to buy bath rugs? You can buy bath rugs online at https://www.spaces.in/.

4. Add shelves to your bathroom

Have a small bathroom?  A shelf is the perfect solution for storage. Place a wall-mounted shelf above the tub for towels, candles, shower gel and more. You can even add a shelf near the toilet which can house spare toilet paper and other cosmetics.

5. Decorate extra spaces with something stylish

If you like to experiment with home design, and have an extra space in your bathroom, bring in a lightweight chair or stool. It can serve as a seat or even a storage place for towels.

6. Look for unique mirrors

Most of us settle for plain boring rectangular mirrors that we find at the hardware store. You can elevate your bathroom space by choosing mirrors that have a bit of personality to it. Circular mirrors can make your bathroom feel luxurious.

7. Install hidden hooks

Bathrooms can look messy if there’s a lot of clutter and no place to hang your towels, bathrobes or your clothes. You can install hooks by the sink for your hand towels and bathrobes. Make sure these hooks don’t seem to jut out of place and are virtually unnoticeable at first glance.

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