5 Simple Ideas To Spruce Up Your Washroom

Most bathrooms never go out of style, with their classic colors, clean lines and timeless fixtures. Then there’s the other kind: the relics of the vintage era that challenge the eyes with their mint, pink, aqua or raspberry tiles and matching fixtures.  Here are a few helpful bathroom ideas to help you spruce it up without even renovating the bathroom.

Rethink Your Sink

Pedestal sinks can be great but not great when it comes to storage. If you have a lot of things to store, go with a console sink with a flat top or a converted cabinet with an undermount sink. You’ll have extra space, whether it’s to hang towels or store things behind doors or in drawers.

Think Small

It’s the little things that count. Small renovations here and there can go the long way when it comes to the overall look of your bathroom.  Hire a professional to help you create a shallow recessed cabinet. That way you don’t have to keep your toiletries on the ledge of the tub.

Choose the Wise

Don’t stack up on unnecessary toiletry. It’s always a good idea to take stock of your personal grooming products and streamline but cut them down to the few you need.

Raise the Shower Curtain

Create the impression of something much bigger by raising your shower rod as high as you can and getting a curtain that goes all the way to the floor.

Jazz it up

Add fun wallpaper, curtains, colourful towels and quirky bath mats to make your bathroom its own little showplace. Bathrooms are the perfect place to get adventurous with the decor. Right from stylish bath towels to anti-skid bath mats to toga, www.spaces.in offers a variety of premium quality bath linen. So, the next time you’re on a lookout for bathroom accessories and bath towels online, get to www.spaces.in and find what you’re looking for easily.

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