Distressed By Your Bedroom? Try These Simple Makeover Ideas

It appears that there is a rising incidence of mental health illness all over the world. Even younger age groups, including adolescents and pre-teens, are falling prey to disorders like depression and anxiety. And a lot of it has to do with one’s environment, sleeping space and duration/quality of sleep.

The link between good sleep and mental health

Sleep and mental health have a symbiotic relationship with each other. Mental health issues may affect the quality of sleep, while poor quality sleep may increase stress and concentration levels, indirectly contributing to the rise of mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, among others.

In any case, lack of good quality sleep is directly linked to decreased focus, heightened nervousness, and irritability, drop in digestive and sexual function, and a host of physical ailments. And unknown to you, your bedroom might be a culprit to your mental and physical health problems.

Your bedroom – a place of repose

The bedroom is the most special room in the house. It is a space where you unwind, get dressed, and relax before falling asleep. Your bed, in turn, is the most important furniture item in the room. It gives you space to sleep and dream, and your body and mind are refreshed by deep sleep in a cosy bed. However, your bed must be just right for a great night of sleep: a firm mattress, fluffy pillow, smooth and cool designer bed sheets, and warm comforter are required for the restful sleep you seek for good mental health.

Try these makeover tips

If your bedroom is less than the ideal spot of repose you’ve been looking for, try these makeover tips:

* Introduce colour. Bright colours have an uplifting effect on your mood, while mild colours have a sobering effect. If you are concerned about your sleep quality and mental health issues, or those of a loved one, introduce pops of bright colour in the form of a warm coloured (red, yellow, orange) designer bed sheet, or a floor rug, or a neon coloured set of curtains. Keep the bright colours to a minimum so that they do not overwhelm you.

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* Get good quality bedding. What you sleep on determines the quality of your sleep. We recommend 100% cotton bed sheets from a reputed brand, to keep you cool and comfortable as you lay down. Get matching pillow covers and a cotton comforter in a lovely colour. Make sure the bed sheet design is to your liking, to put you in an instantly good mood. Complete the bed with a bed cover. You can buy them all online from leading bed linen brands at great prices this season.

* Invest in a memory foam mattress and pillow. Your body needs firm support as you sleep. A sagging mattress and overly soft pillow will make your spine curve unnaturally and head dip below your neck, respectively. Both induce body ache in your waking hours, and the problem gets progressively worse over time. You should invest in a memory foam mattress and pillows for the best spinal and head support night after night. The mattress is sufficiently firm without being hard and it moulds to the contours of your body. This promotes rest and deep relaxation, both conducive to good quality sleep every night.

* Calm your mind before bed: Listening to soothing meditation music, writing a journal, or reading a good book in bed can all relax your mind and make you ready for a good night’s sleep. Try and detach from all gadgets for an hour before bed to relax the mind completely.

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