Buy Bed Linen Online-Six Smart Tips

Good-quality bed linen, as you know, ensures good sleep. It also brings positivity to your room’s décor. However, buying bed sheets/linens; be it a Dohar, quilt, a comforter, or a Dohar blanket, is not an easy thing. You will have to get it online. Remember these points and you will do well:

  1. Understand the different types of bed sheets

Bed linens are available in astounding varieties; fabric, design, shape, type, and color. You have to understand your requirements to make a wise choice. Here are the most popular types of bed linen:

Dohar: Known also as a quilt, the Dohar blanket offers warmth during winter. It is available in silk and cotton.  It can also be layered and filled with either two of the fabric. Dohar is switched in such a way that the filling stays in its place. Buying Dohar online is an easy job. Read the content, see the image, understand the refund policy, and choose one.

  • Comforter: Comforter is a quilted or thick bedspread filled with many layers of materials like a feather, polyester, etc. The weight of a comforter depends on the thickness of its filling. The filling is stitched in such a way as to distribute it equally.
  • Flannel: This is the bed linen material popular during winter. The cotton used for flannel is combed. Thus its fibers stand out and appear as fluffy. The soft blanket absorbs the heat of your body.

2. Understand the fabric

Know the fabric of the linen or comforter you choose. This is the first thing you should consider when buying it online. Cotton is the generally preferred fabric. The fabric gives you the comfort and softness you seek in your bed sheet.

Online shopping comes with its difficulties. See to it that you read the content before buying your bed sheet or blanket.

3. Consider the size

Determine the size of the bed you plan to buy linen for. If it is a king-sized one, you will need 72” X 80” linen.

4. Thread count

Thread count is the number of the thread that goes into the linen. A higher number indicates softness and plushness.

GSM (Grams per Square Meter) is another factor that determines bed linen’s quality. It indicates the weight of the fabric for every meter of your linen. Here too, a higher number indicates softness.

5. Stay safe from assumptions

Don’t assume that a particular quilt, comforter, or bed linen will cover your mattress. There is a vast variety in size. Measure your mattress and choose one accordingly. Try to consider the extent to which your linen will shrink after every wash.

6. Understand the difference between weaves

The generally available choices here are sateen and percale. The former is smooth and silky. The latter, on the other hand, will appear light and fluffy. Know what you need and make a choice accordingly.

Stay safe and give priority to online dealers to brick and mortar stores during this pandemic. Buying a comforter or Doha blankets online may appear daunting. Your choices are vast here. The best option is to read the content carefully before opening your wallet.

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