8 Points to Consider Before Choosing the Perfect Sofa Design

Planning to purchase a new sofa? If yes, then you’ve reached the right place. A single sofa possesses the power of making or breaking the overall appearance of your living room. Yes, that is absolutely correct. A sofa is a furniture that creates the first impression of you and your home on a visitor because it is the center point of your living room.  Hence, purchasing the perfect sofa can be quite confusing because many options are available in the market. You have to select that one perfectly complements your living room decor.

Below are some of the important points you should consider before purchasing the essential furniture in your living room.

1. Space

Before even thinking of purchasing a sofa, that one thing which you must consider is the amount of space is available in your living room. You need to ensure that the couch doesn’t cover the entire room area; rather, it admires your décor without getting merged into the wall.

Firstly, Tiny back sofas work perfectly in a small room space because the space taken is limited and provides optimum seating capacity. If you aim to utilize the space available fully, then a sofa cum bed is the best option.

However, when it comes to big living rooms, an L-shaped sofa will look extremely classy and give a modern look to your living room.

2. Type

There is absolutely zero sense in thinking about a sofa that doesn’t fit your available space. After measuring your space with a measuring tape, if you realize that your living room is small, then opting for a two-seater sofa is the best decision. It will solve the space problem of your living room, and your room will not even look cluttered.

Large living rooms can be paired up with multiple sofa sets, i.e., clubbing different sofas together, and when you find the perfect blend, then you are all set to make the decision.

3. Décor

Sofa design is a must when it comes to making your decor look the best; all the aspects should complement each other and enhance each other’s looks. Minimalism & modern decor go hand in hand. Hence, if your decor is of contemporary style, then the sofa should possess similar features. White and grey are the best color selection when it comes to modern décor.

If your living room is more of a traditional style, then you should concentrate on elegance. Traditional rooms are all about warm colors. The most frequently used colors are brown and beige, with slight variations.

4. Material

Several types of materials are utilized in the making of sofas, such as Fabric, Leather, Leatherette. Each material comes with a few specific benefitting and challenging aspects.

  • Fabric, the comfortable sofa material, the diverse fabric options available in India offer variety when it comes to style and colors. Although fabric sofas are quite budget-friendly, they can be indeed high maintenance depending on the weather in your area.
  • A leather sofa is the most acceptable option if you are looking for durability and style. Along with being low maintenance, it is also easy to clean one. It is commonly offered in basic shades. However, it can never go wrong regardless of your living room decor.
  • An artificial form of leather, leatherette is cost-effective when compared to pure leather sofas. The qualities of artificial leather sofas, such as waterproof and easy to clean, attract buyers looking for low-maintenance furniture. However, a leatherette sofa at some times is less durable.

5. Depth

The best couch is the one on which you can take comfortable naps,  right? Or, for the least part, sit comfortably for many hours and binge-watch your favoruite show or work on your laptop. In order to achieve that sort of comfort is selecting a sofa with the proper depth.

Sofas usually come in depths ranging from 34″ – 43”. The latter is just like a stretch limo. However, you require a big room for one of those kinds and will successfully satisfy your depth requirement as they have quite a deep seat.”

6. Color

It’s always safe to select neutrals when buying a sofa so that the piece goes with everything and in a variety of spaces. However, if you are a vivid person and love colors, don’t worry, a sofa can also be a statement piece, and bright and different colors will make it more exciting.

And, as a matter of fact, going bold with sofa designs and the color is now a growing trend, with a growing number of people eschewing brown, beige, and grey for bright hues, including hot pink, deep blue,  and emerald green.

7. Cushions

The cushions are those small but crucial things that make a sofa more comfortable and augment its look. The most budgeted option is the high-resiliency foam, compressing when in use and coming back to its actual shape.

For real extravagance, the goose-down filling is the expensive-most option, but it doesn’t provide much support and is required to be fluffed up frequently. A good blend of comfort and budget is the inner core of foam covered with a cotton batting surrounded, again surrounded by a goose-down cover. The foam center offers great support for soft feathers.

8. The Arms

The arms of a couch can give out its definition of style or uplift the existing style to something nondescript. More than nearly every other feature, the arms of a sofa itself declare the style. Stuffed round, also known as sock arms, go with casual interiors, such as cottages and farmhouses. Rectangular, curved, structured arms go well with transitional or modern space. Clean-lined wooden arms give the look of mid-century.


Consider all the above points if you wish to get that perfect sofa for your room. Being the focal point of the living room, it needs to be the best piece of the room. So, analyze all the aspects extensively, and choose the best objet d’art for your home.

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