Why can Gastroschisis be fatal for kids and how to treat it?

Every second a new baby is being born in every corner of the world. Some babies come with a healthy life and some with disorders and diseases. One should not neglect a baby taking birth with gastroschisis. Today, many are not aware of this disease. However, one needs to be aware about this, because if neglected then later it may lead to various other complications too.

What is gastroschisis?

An abnormal disorder in a newborn baby is termed as a Gastroschisis. In this condition, it is observed that the intestine of the baby is out of the abdominal area existing from the hole which is exactly next to the belly button. Sometimes the other organs such as the liver or stomach may also be seen coming out of the abdomen. It can lead to some serious problems such as prematurity, feeding problem and sometimes may even cause death.

It is important to know the risk factors. The risk of the baby getting affected by gastroschisis depends upon women’s different habits during the pregnancy period. So the mothers need to take some serious precautions to have a healthy baby. Have a look at some of the factors which are the leading cause for the development of gastroschisis.

  • Smoking during the pregnancy period
  • Getting pregnant during your teenage period
  • Consumption of alcohol and drug

Causes of gastroschisis are still not known properly. However, it is said that genes play a vital role behind causing this disorder. According to the recent studies, the growth of fetus inside the womb is dependent upon mother’s lifestyle patterns such as eating, sleeping and the medicines which are taken during the pregnancy period.

Diagnosis of Gastroschisis-

You may not find many ways to diagnose a baby which might be suffering from gastroschisis when inside the womb. However, it can be recognized while undergoing a routine ultrasound which is usually carried out during the second trimester. Also, a blood test can be useful in knowing the exact condition of the baby.

Gastroschisis treatment-

In this case, the delivery will be taken between 35 and 37 weeks because of the increased risk for stillbirth. If the gastroschisis problem is small which means only a small part of bowel is outside the belly, then a surgery immediately after the birth can help. The intestine is transferred back to the stomach in this surgery. However, if the gastroschisis defect is large that is if the other organs also come out for the belly, then the treatment is carried out in different and small stages. The exposed organs are covered with a special material and are slowly inserted back into the belly.

Remember that a baby who is born with gastroschisis may sometimes face malabsorption of minerals and vitamins from food. So, this must be treated by an experienced paediatrician. You can decide to go with the paediatric surgery in Chennai. It is the best place to get treated.

Thus, taking proper care of a baby born with gastroschisis is important. If proper care not taken, it may lead to serious problems.

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