What are the cons of not drinking water that is safe?

We need water not just when thirsty but also when not. We need water in our body as it calculates the water content and sends signals to our minds when it is lower than a limit. When we don’t drink water for a prolonged time despite the brain signals, we experience symptoms and may even come close to death. This is the importance of adequate water for humans and all living beings.

What if the water we drink is not safe? What would make water unsafe?

Contaminants like metals from the disposal, pesticides, human waste, naturally occurring arsenic etc. all make water unsafe. If we drink unsafe water, we may get skin discoloration, organ damage, cancer, cholera, typhoid, vomiting, kidney failure and many more diseases. Hence, drinking water should be safe. A person may suffer from many health problems ranging from minor to significant diseases if the water is unclean.

Pros of drinking safe water for our health and wellness

Water aids many essential functions conducted in the body everyday. Like digesting food, maintaining body temperature, transporting nutrients and so on. If one of these functions is hampered, it may make the person uncomfortable and get sick immediately. Safe drinking water is invaluable for happy living.

Understanding global records of deaths due to unsafe water

Diarrhea has been recorded to have killed more children than malaria, AIDS and measles combined globally. Even though since the year 2000, 1.8 billion people are said to be using basic water services, about 785 million people worldwide still don’t have essential water services. Leave alone safe drinking water that requires many steps and huge help from authorities to make water ready for consumption. The record of deaths emphasizes the need for safe drinking water globally.

Getting a summary of deaths and effects of unsafe water

Around the world, about 60% of deaths due to diarrhea is caused because ofdrinking unclean water. Human or animal feces or waste that gets inside water and one drinks it as is or with some of it, might get diarrhea. It is estimated that global deaths owing to unsafe water can be brought down toat least 9.1% with safe drinking water and sanitation.

Seeing how Bisleri has been promoting safe water

Bisleri has been a household name on the tip of every person’s tongue seeking clean drinking water. There have been no doubts or uncertainty whenever we held a bottle of Bisleri in our hands. It has been striving and bringing safe water to every office, restaurant, shop, home and everywhere else to make sure we are fine. The 10-step purification method followed by Bisleriis to make sure that the water has no impurities and has abundant minerals to sustain and provide for our dailyrequirements.

Making one right decision and taking the right step for your family

Safe water is of utmost importance not just for a week or a year and not just for humans alone. We need safe water for all our livesand other speciesthroughouttheir lives. Thus, we must be careful with our actions not to aid water contamination where it could be avoided with some thoughtful consideration, like through avoiding open defecation, treating household waste responsibly, treating animal waste appropriately and most importantly, treating water meant for consumption with care.

Avoiding life-threatening diseases with purified water

Apart from reproductive issues, unsafe water also causes developmental complications. Healthcare institutes and hospitals are also at riskfor infections. About 15% of patients get more infections within the hospitals due to poor sanitation and water issues. It is known that the overall effects of drinking unsafe water are not yet entirely found.

There are many cons of not having safe water like physical, mental and emotional health problems. It affects humans or animals nature and our ecological balance. Water is precious and it is handed over to us 100% safe from rain. Hence, the onus is on us to maintain the purity that comes to us 100% pure and not to make it impure and not contaminate it.

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