Top Minerals In Your Drinking Water And Their Benefits

Drinking water and good health have always been synonymous. However, the relationship between the two couldn’t be more acknowledged than in today’s times as we struggle to build good immunity, free ourselves of lifestyle diseases, and work towards building overall wellbeing. Drinking water, especially mineral drinking water, has the ability to impact our health on several fronts.

Hence, just like people are becoming a lot more conscious about food habits and the quality of ingredients, they are also becoming more aware of drinking water regularly, and the benefits of drinking water such as mineral water.

What is mineral water

Before we can get down to discussing the health benefits associated with minerals in drinking water, let us spare a few minutes to understand what mineral water is. Simply put, mineral water is water which contains minerals such as sodium, calcium, and manganese in it owing to their presence at the sources from where such water originates and flows.

However, this doesn’t translate into all mountain or spring-based drinking water being abundant in good minerals; it depends on the geophysical nature of the region. Moreover, water sources from lakes may or may not be rich in such minerals.

Hence, a few leading packaged water manufacturers offer drinking water that is processed to add adequate minerals to it. This is done in a safe and secure manner, by following various protocols to ensure consistency in the levels and purity of minerals that are added to the drinking water.

Unlike with natural mineral water, when you opt for packaged drinking water with added minerals, you can be assured that the mineral content is just right. This is important because while less content as compared to your recommended regular intake may create a mineral deficiency, too much minerals, if naturally present in the water, can also make it harmful for your health.

Mineral water benefits

Now that you have a fair understanding of what is mineral drinking water, let us get down to its benefits. Mineral water offers a host of health benefits, including physical health, mental health, and immunity related benefits.

This is because some of the top minerals present in your packaged drinking water from brands such as Bisleri include iron, zinc, calcium, sodium, and manganese among others. Also, since calcium and magnesium have a higher bioavailability in water as compared to food and hence, they are better absorbed by your body when had in your drinking water as compared to having them in your meals.

Physical health benefits of mineral water

Essential minerals go a long way in ensuring good health of vital organs such as the heart and liver. They also play a critical role in ensuring a healthy blood pressure. In fact, minerals such as magnesium ensure smooth functioning of the nerve system and deficiency of the same often leads to cramps and numbness in limbs. Similarly, these minerals also impact efficient blood circulation in the body. Needless to say, minerals such as calcium are extremely important to ensure strong bones, and healthy teeth, even more so when life spans are increasing and calcium tends to deplete from our bodies post a certain age.

Mental health benefits of mineral water

While water itself has a calming effect on our mind and contributes to our sense of well-being, mineral water offers specific mental health benefits. For instance, zinc and magnesium are two minerals that have been regularly linked to combatting anxiety and depression. Sodium too, is important from a sound mental health perspective. When the presence of sodium falls below certain levels, it can lead to several psychiatric conditions, according to various recent studies. While lack of minerals may or may not lead to mental health conditions depending on a host of other factors, it is important to understand that regular intake is certainly important in regulating various mind and brain-related functions.

Immunity-related benefits of mineral water

Lastly, mineral water also plays a significant role in ensuring our overall immunity and good health. This is because minerals such as zinc and magnesium impact the development of your immune cells, and your immune system’s inflammation response, respectively. Both these minerals are also likely to enhance your sleep quality, and hence in turn, up your immunity.


There are a host of essentials salts and minerals that are present in drinking water, especially packaged drinking water with added minerals. These offer several benefits that we tend to take for granted on a daily basis. However, lack of these can impact our physical, mental and immune health.  Hence, it is important to consistently drink water that is adequate on essential minerals for easy absorption and smooth functioning of the body and mind.

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