Tips To Understand Original 10 Litre Water Can Online- Drink Only Pure Water

The concept of bottled water has been around in the Western world since the early 1900s. It was in the 1970s that bottled drinking water made an entry into the Indian market. However, bottled water was a thing of luxury affordable to only the elite. But slowly, the mineral water concept has established its root firmly. With the opening of the Indian economy, increasing urbanization, and growth in tourism, there has been a growth in the bottled water industry.

The Purity Of Water: A Major Market Challenge

With a growth in demand for bottled water, there has been an equal growth in the number of companies selling bottled water under fake brands. These players do not adhere to the quality control standards for pure mineral water. They compromise on quality and hygiene standards. Drinking this water can have serious health issues, from the fair hall to constipation, stomach pain, and other complex issues.  This naturally results in consumers losing faith in bottled water.

Promise From Bisleri

Bisleri is committed to providing its consumers with pure, safe, and healthy drinking water. To ensure the goodness of water, the water is accurately treated before it reaches the consumers. Bottled Bisleri water undergoes a rigorous 10 step method to ensure the quality of the water is at its best. There are additional 114 tests performed to make sure every drop of water you consume from the bottle is pure.

Following Are The 10 Steps Of The Quality Control Process:

  1. Water is collected at the source, and adequate quality control checks are put in place to ensure the purity at collection
  2. The water is then ozonized. Ozonisation of the water ensures that all of the harmful bacteria in the water are killed
  3. To remove unwanted particles, as small as up to 30 microns, the water undergoes sand filtration
  4. As part of the double filtration process, the water undergoes a carbon filter. This removes traces of pesticides and gets the water rid of any color and odor.
  5. In the next step, the water is treated by reverse osmosis. This process gets the water rid of excess minerals and salts
  6. The next process is of mineralization and additional filtration. The right amount of vital minerals, including magnesium and potassium, are added back to the water.  This makes the water healthier and it also acquires a sweet taste
  7. To remove even the smallest micron-particles (upto 0.45microns), the water undergoes the process of micron-filtration
  8. The re-Ozonisation step helps to maintain the purity and the quality in the sealed condition of the bottle
  9. Most of the bottles are blown on-site to avoid any external contamination. The water is bottled and packaged using highly modernized equipment
  10. As a final quality control check, every bottle is given a printed code stating the batch number, date, time, and manufacturing location. The water undergoes stringent quality control checks for each & every batch so that all the quality standards are met.

Several consumers prefer buying 10 litre water can in India to avoid buying smaller bottles more frequently.  The worst part is you might not be aware that you have been consuming a fake product until you start experiencing health issues.

But there is an easy way to make sure you have purchased the authentic brand bottled mineral water. You can follow the following tips to understand the original 10 litre water can online.

  1. Your Bisleri can have a yellow scratch sticker with a barcode on its cap. Scratch the sticker with a coin.
  2. There will be a 10-digit code on the sticker. Note it.
  3. Send an SMS to the number ‘09289207879’ with the given 10-digit code.
  4. You will get a standard reply from the company if the Bisleri can you have purchased is original.
  5. For additional assurance on the authenticity of the bottled water, you can check the TDS of the water. For pure water, it should be within the range of 80–120 PPH.
  6. You can also note the can batch number available on the plastic cap of the bottle for further confirmation with Bisleri “Quality Cell” if required.

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