The Ultimate Guide to Macros for Muscle Building

Are you fed up with your boring lifestyle of watching your favorite shows all day and eating junk food?

Do you want to become physically fit by gaining muscles?

Remember, muscle building for the sake of health needs a lifestyle change. You cannot pick one habit and walk away. To have a fit body, you should adopt a complete lifestyle.

And, it’s not about going to the gym and lifting weights daily. Instead, you have to overhaul your eating habits.

Not eating good food is like doing everything but missing the most vital part of your muscle-building strategy.

To keep track of your energy intake, you need to calculate macros– the nutritional food you eat daily.

Here I am going to show you a step-by-step guide to your muscle-building strategy to helps you shape your body that every person will envy.

But first, let me shed some light on our evolutionary body makeup and how we have changed ourselves?

Diet evolution of humans:

We, humans, are meant to be workaholics given our evolution history and body makeup.

Over the centuries, our ancestors endeavored to survive in the bitterest environment and led healthy lives.

Not because they ate abundant food but actually they thrived on sparse food; the food having high nutritional value.

Loren Cordain, an evolutionary nutritionist states that only the hunter-gatherers’ diet fits our genetic makeup. Because such a diet contained all the essential macronutrients that keep us healthy.

Nowadays, you can see technology meddling in our lives to a much greater extent. Hence, we tend to live a lazy life to the extent that we have replaced home-cooked food with fast food.

Therefore, people are getting various diseases of which the prominent one is obesity.

Turn on your beast mode to get rid of these diseases and calculate your macros.

How are bad eating habits associated with diseases?

People are getting high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, cancers, obesity, and many others due to under or over-eating and not taking handsome amounts of macronutrients that are less in sugars and fats.

According to WHO, nearly 650 million adults are obese, and that’s due to poor eating habits.

If you do not calculate macros, you will surely end up becoming out of shape.

Common causes of bad physical shape are lack of physical activity, over-eating, eating food of less nutritional value, and urbanization.

What are Macronutrients or Macros?

Macros, as the name tells are the biochemical compounds, which you should take in large quantities, found in your diet.

Macros are of three types carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. They give most of the energy to your body. Therefore, you should eat them in abundance but in the prescribed proportions.

To calculate your macros means to count carbs, fats, and proteins in your diet. A perfect proportion of macros can save you from getting high BMI and diet-related diseases like obesity.

How Fast food relates to BMI and obesity?

The topic is controversial with much has been said in favor and against it for years. You may find studies claiming that fast food does not have any direct impact on obesity.


 BMI or body mass index is defined as the ratio of your body’s mass and your height expressed in kg/m2. The greater you have a BMI score, the more obese you are.

But the point of concern where all agree is that excess fast food contributes to bad eating habits which in turn rises the BMI or body mass index that indicates obesity.

Study shows that junk or processed food is low in macros nutrients and high in calories, trans fat, and sodium salt.

That does not mean, you should devour on macronutrients, rather you should develop a fine balance with macros intake and you should count your macros daily.

Given the gravity shown in the statistics above, you surely won’t like to neglect your macros.

Next, I am going to provide a guide to gain muscles.

An ultimate guide to gain muscles:

1.    Exercise regularly:

It is the time to ward off your laziness and cultivate a habit of exercise. You can go to a gym to exercise. You can go to a gym to exercise regularly.

 But, don’t start in haste rather ask your instructor to get weekly or maybe monthly plans starting from different parts of the body.

Start with light exercises like running and cycling. While you can do these exercises outdoors gyms have their stationery treadmills and cycles.

According to Harvard studies a 70 kg person can burn almost 298 calories per 30 mins of jogging.

Similarly, the same person cycling at 12mph can burn the same amount of calories after 30 mins.

By the same token, perform these exercises for muscle building:

  1. Deadlifts
  2. Squats
  3. Shoulder press

One thing that should be kept in mind is that each person has different body nature and different techniques must be employed to get desired results.

2.    Eat a nutritious diet:

Prefer a diet containing carbs, fats, and proteins in correct proportions. However, your macronutrients consumption depends on your unique body makeup.

Therefore, your diet plan needs to be rightly calibrated with your body.

For this purpose, you can use a macro calculator to calculate macros for muscle building.

You will enter your age, height, and weight and a typical micro calculator will give you your macros plan according to your goals.

To Sum Up:

Every man wants to look fit and agile partly owing to popular perception and partly due to self-improvement.

 Whatever your case may be, you need a detailed analysis of your macros and adopt a plan that fits you the best. For this purpose, you need to calculate macros through a macro calculator.

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