The healthy fizz through effervescent tablets

Wellbeing nutrition is dedicated to providing you with the best nutrients for your health, immunity and even beauty. And when we talk about nutrients, then just do not picture cooking some complex stuff served to you by wellbeing.

You can enjoy the goodness of whole organic food and power food with a fizz.

Just do not get confused. The blend of organic superfoods is presented to you in the form of effervescent tablets. These are generally water-soluble. Just put a tablet in water (hot or cold as per instructions) to get a fizzy health drink.

Wellbeing nutrition provides the following effervescent tablets that will help you with your immunity-boosting and beauty enhancement.

  1. Skin fuel: Skin fuel is a blend of natural, chemical-free ingredients that care for the skin, hair, and even nails. The ingredients are as per what is mentioned in Ayurveda.

The single effervescent tablet provides you with a lot of benefits. From skin tightening to reduce wrinkles and restoring elasticity in the skin to reduce acne, the fizzy drink will solve all your beauty-related issues.

  1. Daily Greens: This organic and completely plant-based product is free of all sorts of preservatives. The super greens are brought to you right from the farms in the form of effervescent tablets.

Daily greens will keep you energized for the day. This blend of multivitamins and minerals will help in boosting your immunity.

  1. Grandma’s kadha: Grandma’s magical kadha is no more a difficult task to treat your allergies and cold issues and related symptoms. The Ayurveda inspired and clinically approved kadha is just three simple steps away from you. Just dissolve the effervescent tablet in hot water and get instant relief.
  1. Probiotic and prebiotic combination: Just treat your metabolic related issues with the combination of probiotic and prebiotic combination in an effervescent tablet. Your gut is going to thank you for this.

The probiotic and prebiotic combination is not only good for your gut but also provides enhanced immunity and improves respiratory health.

This 3 in 1 combination is all you need to boost your health.

How to use effervescent tablet?

Effervescent tablets are simple to carry and easy to take.

  1. Take a glass of water, hot or cold, as per instructions.
  2. Put the tablet in water and allow it to dissolve.
  3. Your fizzy health drink is ready.
  4. Just sip it down to get the benefits.

What makes these tablets effective?

The effervescent tablets are made using Japanese nanotechnology methods to be delivered efficiently in the body.

The probiotics-prebiotic tablets also utilizes the techniques that help in a delayed release of the live culture of yeast and bacteria.  This protects the microorganisms from the stomach acid and helps them to reach deeper into the guts.

All the tablets are plant-based, chemical and preservative-free and are clinically approved.

Follow the instructions about individual products to get a refreshing drink. The dosage and the procedure to take need to be followed.

Just try the effervescent tablets from Wellbeing nutrition and consume them daily to see the difference. We bring health to your glass of water through these tablets.

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