The Benefits of Sleeping On a Medicated Mattress

Medicated mattresses have been in use for a while now best known to provide physiological support during sleep. Skim through the benefits of sleeping on a medicated mattress listed below:

Lumbar Support

A medicated cushion assures better lumbar support, i.e., spinal support as memory foam mattresses are created firm so that they do not sink under bodyweight causing the spine to curve. Eight hours of sleeping with spine in bent position can severely damage your back. Providing spinal support is one of the significant benefits of medicated mattresses.

Uninterrupted Sleep

Uninterrupted sleep is another great benefit of medicated mattresses. What happens with a regular bed is that you shift or turn over multiple times before you find the best sleeping spot. As you move, a depression gets created in a regular mattress, and your body responds to the pressure on your spine by shifting to a different spot. This takes place frequently during the night and causes a disturbance in the sleep. A poor quality mattress may be the reason for your restlessness and may also cause stress to your spine and other muscles. Eliminating all kind of restlessness with a good medicated mattress helps in getting a restful sleep.

Prevents and Alleviates Body Aches

While a regular mattress may cause aching joints and muscles because of inadequate support during sleep, a medicated cushion prevents pain by averting undue stress on the spine and back. It alleviates pain by providing firm support to the aching areas during sleep.

Recommended by Doctors for Medicated Conditions

Medicated mattresses are prescribed by doctors for particular orthopaedic conditions involving joint pain and back pain.

Advanced Sleep Support

Various factors are taken into consideration while designing a medicated mattress like an ergonomic design to support the body contours, body weight and spine. With a medicated mattress, you are guaranteed advanced sleep support, which is not possible using any other type of mattress.

Get Rid of Roll-Together Effect

A roll-together effect is prevalent when you are sharing your bed with another individual. A regular mattress sinks under your body weight creating depression and the person sharing your mattress automatically rolls into this depression. This can be a great inconvenience during warmer months. A medicated mattress eliminate this discomfort.

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