Surprise Your Partner This Valentines Day With The Most Memorable Home-Like Vacation

You and your partner have been staying at home for a long. With the lockdown and other restrictions, things are sure to be getting more challenging. What about surprising your partner this Valentine’s Day with a home-like vacation? If you have a Club Mahindra membership, the process is a breeze.

Club Mahindra’s timeshare travel mode

Your membership, irrespective of the plan you choose (the purple, red, white and blue), works like buying from one among the Club Mahindra resorts in your choice exotic location. You get it for a fixed period of time. This way, several people will own a resort at different times. It is ownership without having to worry about the cost of maintenance.

You can even go to private luxury clubs for several weeks if you wish. There are different options to suit every type of vacationer. The company is also affiliated with RCI (Resorts Condominium International). This lets you choose from thousands of Club Mahindra resorts spread across 100 countries. Club Mahindra offers an RCI membership as a complementary offer for everyone who buys a timeshare travel plan irrespective of the type of membership chosen. RCI allows two options. The standard exchange requires you to deposit one week’s vacation to book a resort. Under the second option, you get a bonus week without having to deposit anything. Now you can happily go to the next step.

Prepare the gift

What does your partner love most? If the person is adventurous, you will have to locate resorts that offer activities that raise adrenalin. And no company knows this more than Club Mahindra. Here are four from among the adventure-filled resorts of couple holiday places you can present your partner as a Valentines Day gift:

  • Club Mahindra Varca, Goa: Goa combines romance and adventure. And this is a perfect present your partner deserves. Get VIP entry into vast stretches of sand surrounded by coconut groves. For a couple wanting to soak up in the sun, this is the ideal place to be. Enjoy the fun-filled outdoor and indoor activities your resort offers. Climb onto an e-cycle and roam around in the streets taking in the vibrant markets, ancient churches and the ports. Have a pool party in the company of nature or have a sumptuous traditional local meal. Enjoy a stroll on the seashore. You can simply enjoy the beautiful sunset from the window of your room.
  • Club Mahindra White Meadows, Manali: There is no perfect gift than a Himalayan getaway if your partner is an adventure-enthusiast. And hills present the perfect setting to be. Your resort is located at the heart of the Himalayan peaks. And it is hailed for its artistic beauty, interiors and amenities offered. It also offers a host of outdoor and indoor sports and other activities. Get to know the tribal locals here, trek through dense forests or have a relaxing picnic at the riverbank. Feel the thrill of ziplining, have a water rafting expedition or ski through the icy slopes of the mountain.

If a romantic getaway is what you prefer, Club Mahindra Ashtamudi, Kerala, is an option worth exploring. Splendid landscapes welcome you to this scenic 8-armed lake shaped like a palm tree. Cruise through the backwaters or explore through the deep estuaries. The place offers you the same joy all through the year.

Gozest Club Mahindra

If you are a couple in the age range of 25-34, Club Mahindra’s Gozest is something worth owning. It is a lifestyle privilege membership that lets you live like kings. The plan offers two packages: classic and premium.

As a classic member, you get to have a vacation in any of the 65 Club Mahindra resorts spread throughout the country for one week annually for three years. You also receive 525 points in your Gozest account with it every year.

A premium member gets nine days of holidays every year for three years in any of the company’s resorts across the country. You also receive a complimentary one-week International holiday in Asia along with access to five Club Mahindra resorts abroad. You even receive 675 points in your Gozest wallet.

Gift your partner a memorable Valentines Day this year. Have a blast in the destination of your choice with a Club Mahindra membership!

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