Nutrients your furry friend needs

Just like we humans, our furry friends also need a wide variety of healthy nutrients to stay strong, energetic and active. You need to feed your pet every day with nutritious and best dog food that will keep them happy and healthy.  There are several dog food brands available in the market, which offer food containing all the required nutrients, minerals, vitamins that your furry friend needs.

Following are just a few nutrients your furry friend needs to be healthy and active.

  1. Protein: Even though it is ideal that pets need diets that are designed according to their age, size, breed, activity level, protein is one of the essential parts of their diet. Protein-rich foods aid proper growth and help build strong bones and muscles. It also gives your pet a shiny coat as well as strong nails. Foods such as fish, whole meat, dairy foods, and eggs are good sources of protein. These days many dog food brands also offer canned food that carries a high amount of protein in them.
  2. Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are necessary for keeping your pet’s energy levels high. They also help in proper digestion and supply glucose to the cells in the body. Rice, vegetables, pasta, and cereals all these foods contain a good amount of carbs. These foods also help to balance out the meat-based diet that dogs are usually fed.
  3. Minerals and Vitamins: Best dog food would be incomplete without a proper balance of minerals and vitamins. Both these nutrients are highly essential for bone growth and good eyesight. Also, they help in the processing of fats, carbs, and proteins. Minerals and vitamins enable various nutrients from the meals to reach the major organs and tissues in the system.

Most of the dog foods available in the market, whether canned, semi-moist, or dry, contain a good balance of all the essential nutrients. If you are buying canned foods, just make sure you check out all the information on the package. You will get all the information such as ingredients, nutritional value, and serving measurements for a particular age and breed of dog.

However, rather than canned food, it is always better to include fresh foods for example – fresh meat, poultry, vegetables in your pet’s diet for the maximum portion of nutrients. Fresh food is a better option as compared to canned food. Also, it is very important to feed your dog according to their age. For younger dogs, puppy food is available, which is formulated according to their age, whereas older ones can have adult food which is again formulated according to their age, physical activity, and breed.

Well! Whatever you choose to feed your furry friend, ensure it is healthy and fulfils their daily requirement. They being the best companions must be taken good care of. Give them as much love as you can and they will love you back even more.

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