Manufacturing packaged drinking water for the masses at affordable prices- How Bisleri does it

When it comes to its credentials as a packed drinking water manufacturer, there is no substitute to Bisleri. It is undoubtedly known as a household name in India in the mineral water segment and has carved a presence over several decades. It is readily available throughout the country while also offering more purity and goodness with every drop. Bisleri has also taken several measures during the pandemic, having established additional processes for safety at the manufacturing units which include ozone tunnels for disinfection of employees and also emphasizing on direct to home products. It has come up with its e-commerce platform for enhancing consumer accessibility.

Bisleri has also taken several measures as a responsible packed drinking water manufacturer to ensure the highest quality standards and uniform adherence to the same across its 135 manufacturing facilities. Bisleri has every drop undergoing 114 tests and 10 stages in the process in order to be certified for customers. This ensures stringent quality above all else. Demand has gone up for packaged mineral water in India with more people staying back and working at home and also due to increasing concerns over healthy, hygiene, safety and cleanliness amongst citizens. More people are also ordering mineral water even for consumption at home. Bisleri has revamped its strategies in order to keep reaching customers easily amidst the pandemic. The CEO at Bisleri International, Angelo George, has also stated that the brand is emphasizing on its presence in the digital space and the brand is connecting more with customers while enabling supply even in areas with travel limitations or those areas which still have containment zones.

A campaign has been launched and is known as Bisleri@Doorstep where buyers can place their orders directly on the number for customer service or via the website online. Drinking water is a basic need while hydration is a key aspect of building overall immunity in a precarious situation like the pandemic. Consumers are now buying Bisleri mineral water online directly or calling the customer care toll-free number for this purpose. This has enabled supply in places where shops were closed and essential items were hard to come by. Consumers have placed huge trust on Bisleri as their chosen brand. Customers are also being educated by the brand regarding the importance of hydration in keeping fit and healthy while also enhancing immunity. Minerals and other trace elements in water are vital for good health which may not be found always in tap water or other methods of purification such as UV and RO purifiers alike. Bisleri now has its own e-commerce platform, offering several products and offerings along with attractive discounts and even monthly and weekly subscription facilities for enabling access to water seamlessly in those areas which still do not have easy access to hygienic and pure water. Customers can expect to get supplies in a hassle-free and uninterrupted manner accordingly. The prices have always been kept more competitive and affordable in order to directly benefit the masses.

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