How to Stay Healthy and Positive During IVF

If you have trouble conceiving, IVF is one of the most effective ways to get pregnant.

The IVF cost is determined by the patient’s age, the doctor’s expertise, the facility, the location, medicine costs, and other factors.

The cost of IVF in Hyderabad is affordable, ranging between Rs 100000.00 and Rs 250000.00. However, some high-end IVF and fertility institutions in Hyderabad charge anything from Rs. 300000 to Rs. 450000 for a single IVF treatment.

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If you are worried about the IVF cost, then there are a lot of quality services available at affordable costs which do not compromise on the treatment quality and yet reduce IVF treatment cost.

How to Stay Positive During IVF Treatment?

Though IVF improves most couples’ chances of conception, the entire procedure is difficult and emotional, and it can be worrisome if pregnancy does not occur immediately. As a result, it’s critical to have a positive attitude during the IVF process. Here are some suggestions for staying positive during IVF treatment:

  • Meditation – When you meditate, your mind becomes silent and serene. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing in a quiet room. Allowing your thoughts to return to a relaxed state will help you cope with the IVF process.
  • Keep your expectations in check – Some women can get pregnant during their first IVF cycle, while others cannot, which does not suggest something is wrong. The next IVF round will likely result in a pregnancy. Some women, especially those over 40, may take a little longer to conceive.
  • Don’t let IVF control you – Even if you can’t conceive, keep having fun and maintaining a healthy sexual relationship with your spouse. It is critical to enjoying your life. Don’t overthink the process; if you don’t become pregnant after a few IVF cycles, sit down with your spouse and the IVF centre’s doctor to figure out what went wrong.
  • Family and friends – Some women or couples undergoing IVF have friends or family members who understand what they’re going through and can provide valuable support. Others prefer not to tell their relatives and friends that they are undergoing IVF because they don’t want to cope with the continuous queries.

Health is Wealth: How to Stay Healthy during IVF?

Maintaining good physical health is another integral element of a healthy IVF process which can be done in the following ways:

  • Eating Habits: Focus on eating nutritious, balanced meals during your IVF cycle. During this time, avoid making any significant adjustments. Encourage your partner to follow the diet with you because nutrition has an impact on sperm health.
  • Exercise: Many women avoid or quit exercising throughout their IVF cycle out of fear that it may harm their chances of getting pregnant. You should continue to exercise if you have a healthy BMI, have been exercising, and have a healthy womb. Running should be avoided because it can cause the womb lining to thicken and blood to be diverted away from the reproductive system to other organs and muscles when needed most.
  • Supplements: Start taking a prenatal vitamin 30 days before your IVF cycle to boost your folic acid levels. This vitamin is vital because it protects developing babies against brain and spinal birth abnormalities. Take vitamin D supplements before your IVF cycle if your vitamin D levels are low. Vitamin D deficiency in the mother has been related to autism.
  • Sleep Cycle: According to a study, persons who sleep 7 to 8 hours each night have a considerably higher chance of becoming pregnant than those who sleep for shorter or longer periods.

IVF celebrity moms in India like Farah Khan, Gauri Khan, Kiran Rao, and Ekta Kapoor have followed similar regimes during their respective IVF periods. Ultimately it is all about you and the mentality you nurture as a parent. For your treatment to be successful, most of it does depend on the doctor and the medical facility where you’re going for the IVF treatment in Hyderabad. Still, a huge part also rests on your shoulders regarding whether you take proper care of yourself and stay happy and positive during the treatment procedure.

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