Heartburn during Pregnancy: Causes and Remedies

When a woman is in pregnancy, even minor heartburn makes her fearful. This is one of the common complications that occur in pregnant women. There is no fixed time when it can arise but mostly happens in the second and third trimester. In some cases, heartburn can hit even in the first trimester.

Be careful because severe heartburn is the symptom of Gastroesophageal reflux disease. Heartburn symptoms start with a pain in the chest, which is accompanied by a burning sensation. It can reach the throat and produce a bitter taste in your mouth. The main reason is the weakening of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) muscle, which is present between the stomach and esophagus. Many other possibilities of heartburn causes are there, which we are going to study here.

What are some possible heartburn causes?

Heartburn symptoms get elevated because of several health issues but three of the most widely known are:

1) Hormonal Changes

Progesterone, which is called pregnancy hormone is responsible for heartburn during pregnancy. It relaxes muscle but the same hormone can weaken the lower esophageal valve. 

The lower Esophageal Valve prevents stomach contents from reaching the esophagus. Eating or drinking anything will enable the muscle to open but it may not close completely.

2) Baby Growth

With the growth of your baby, your uterus expands. As a result, it requires some extra space, which in turn puts some pressure on the stomach. This forces the stomach acid to spill and hit the esophagus. It’s one of the most common heartburn causes during pregnancy.

3) Indigestion

Because of progesterone, food in your stomach stays for too long. But the digestion process slows down and at the same time, your stomach is full. This increases the chances of heartburn.

What is some heartburn during pregnancy remedies?

Before recommending any other natural remedy, we would like you to try over-the-counter medicines like antacids. The ideal antacids contain calcium carbonate, magnesium, and a low amount of sodium. Taking the right antacid will gets to work instantly. By far, we are impressed with the Gaviscon as its constituents are best known for treating heartburn.

Along with Gaviscon antacid, you should try natural remedies too. Take small meals and drink plenty of water. Strictly avoid drinking water while eating. However, you can do it between meals. A glass of hot milk works too in treating heartburn effectively.

Bottom Line

Never depend on the recommended medicine without asking a professional doctor. He can suggest to you better what to do and what’s not.

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