Ways to Control Hair Loss in Men and Women

Hair is the most exposed portion of the human body. It gathers dust and dirt very quickly because of that. Due to the dust and dirt, dandruff and a certain dryness are experienced pretty frequently in hair, which are the major factors contributing to hair loss. Covering your hair with a cotton scarf or a cap while travelling can be useful. Here are a few ways for hair loss control in men and women:

One of the best ways for hair loss control in regularly oiling of hair. Nowadays, many people either avoid or forget applying oil to their hair which in turn forces the scalp to produce oil on its own for maintaining the moisture level of the skin. The process can often be misconstrued as a sign of an oily and healthy scalp, which is not true. One must oil his/her hair at least twice a week to feel the change in hair.

One must avoid dying, blow drying or ironing hair frequently. The above processes make the hair brittle and drastically changes the texture of the hair. Repeated direct heating of hair strands may result in long-term damage like thinning, loss in shine, and baldness.

People can avail spa treatments on their hair. A typical spa treatment lasts for thirty to forty minutes and makes your hair nourished. This is a good alternative for hair loss control.

One can even try home methods for hair loss control like applying a mixture of freshly made henna and curd on hair. Make sure to use it at all corners of the scalp and leave it on for half an hour before washing it off with water. On the next day, the hair can be shampooed. This procedure stops hair loss within two weeks and adds more volume to the hair.

One can apply two Vitamin E capsules mixed with oil on the scalp, two times a week for best results.

Again, include a lot of protein in your regular diet as protein and iron help rebuild tissue loss in the scalp and strengthens the follicles for them to hold the hair root firmly.

Also, women suffering from high hormonal imbalance usually suffer from hair loss. For such an issue, a gynaecologist should be consulted for remedial measures.

Taking stress is a significant cause of hair loss. Doing meditation or participating in yoga can help relieve the pressure, and lead a better lifestyle. Baldness in people at an early age is mostly due to stress.

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