Is Pollution making us all bald?

Pollution has become a major cause in the country and people are badly harmed and affected by any kind of pollution. There are various factors which cause pollution and it is our duty and responsibility to help and decrease the rate of pollution in the city. It is really very important to get rid of pollution and make it less and less every day because pollution can cause severe damage to a person’s life. One of the biggest causes done by air pollution is that it makes us all bald. Therefore, it is really necessary that we get rid of pollution.

  1. As per the recent research and hair research that has been done by the scientist, they have said that major causes of baldness in men or women are because of the air pollution. Air pollution can cause hair thinning and health loss at a very early stage.
  2. One of the biggest reasons behind hair loss or hair thinning is the pollution and the bad weather that goes around in the city. These days air pollution is really very dangerous for your hair and even your health. So, it is really very important for you to get rid of air pollution.
  3. There is hair loss treatment available these days because of the major issues and problems people are facing because of hair thinning and due to the pollution, therefore make sure that you are one of those citizens who are working towards decreasing the pollution in the city.
  4. Scientists have been doing research and have said that air pollution will cause hair thinning and even hair loss treatment cannot make it better because this will continue happening until the time the pollution is not over at all.
  5. We have to act accordingly because one of the biggest reasons behind us going bald is pollution and hence we have to be the one that stands strong against it. So, before it gets too late and everything goes out of hand, we have to make sure that we stop being a part of the crowd and take serious actions against causing pollution.
  6. Stress is the major cause behind us getting bald but nowadays the pollution has become the major cause as the environment and the atmosphere is not at all correct for the hair strength. It damages our hair and leads to hair thinning.

These are the basic cause and damage that pollution does to us. Therefore, one of the biggest leading reasons behind hair thinning or us getting bald is that we’re doing nothing to stop the air pollution. There are hair loss treatments available in the market but what will be the use if we don’t get rid of the cause forever. Therefore, if we become the right citizens of this country and become more conscious about health and the environment then we won’t require hair loss treatment and even get rid of any kind of hair thinning issues. So, make sure that you work towards getting rid of air pollution.

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