Weak hair can be a major problem in life and even an indicator of medical concern in some cases. Extreme dryness, split ends, and excessive oiliness, are all signals of dull hair. Weak hair may look thin and droopy. Often genetic, hair fall is also caused due to medications, diseases, stress, poor diet etc. Weak hair can be treated with the help of hair strength therapies.

Again, sun exposure, chlorine water, heating, pollution, and air conditioning can weaken your hair. Some breakage is fine, but an excessive breakage indicates weak hair. The hair loss from breakage is different from natural hair loss.

The hair that falls out naturally gets off along with the bulb. Weak hair breaks like that from the scalp. Split ends signify weak hair; it can travel up the hair root and break the strand off. Hair strength therapies can help with this problem, but first, it is better to turn to basic solutions.

Treat Split-Ends

Split ends can’t be cured, but you can avoid them with a trim every two months. Use gentle shampoo, conditioner, and oil at the tips of hair follicles to fight split-ends. Use reinforcing products while styling; they will help bond the split-ends.

Take Care of Your Scalp

While working with weak hair, start with the scalp. When the scalp is healthy, the hair follows it. Scalps can be oily, dry, or flaky but there are specific products for each of the problems. For example, a moisturising oil works for dry scalps.

Start Using Right Products

good trichologist can help you detect weak hair, and suggest you appropriate products. Using correct products as per your kind of hair is crucial for them to be restored. For fragile and delicate hair, use prescribed shampoo, conditioner and styling products to infuse protein, and amino acids for reinforcing the hair.

Limit Chemical Usage

Abusing hair with lots of chemicals can weaken your hair. Using strong chemicals by colouring, straightening, bleaching etc. can damage the hair fibre. Strong chemicals and frequent use of chemicals can cause permanent damage to your hair, leaving hair frizzy and dry with split ends. You can use shampoo, conditioner, and intensive hair strength therapies to reverse the effect on damaged hair.

Protect Hair from Heat

Heat from hot curlers, blow-dryers, and flat irons can damage your hair. A blow-dryer set at high temperature heats the water in the hair’s cuticle and causes the water to expand, which leads to blisters in hair. Strands dried like this soak up the moisture from the atmosphere, which causes hair to frizz.

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