Does your Aged Parent Need a Comforter?

Your parents sacrificed many things while raising you. In many ways, you would not be the person you are today if your parents were not there to offer you the kind of support and material comfort you needed. But now that you are older and so is your parent, you find that your roles are reversed – to a large extent, you are becoming your parent’s caregiver, guide and friend. You consider it your duty to make their life as comfortable as possible – why not start by gifting them with a fabulous new bed comforter to ensure that they get a good night’s sleep?

What Is A Comforter?

A comforter is a warm coverlet draped over the body when one sleeps. It is thick and insulated so that it keeps body heat inside the coverlet, thus ensuring that you get a cosy night’s sleep. Bed comforters are especially useful in cool or cold weather. The comforter may be insulated with down or polyester. However, leading brands in the bed linen space use AZO-free dyes and natural breathable materials for the filling, so as not to cause breathing or skin allergies.

A comforter is thus a useful kind of bed linen one must have when sleeping. It stands to reason that your aged parent could do with one – in fact, they will love it!

Senior Citizens Need More Help Sleeping At Night

As one ages, their sleep pattern changes. Far from being able to sleep eight hours of deep sleep in their 20s, senior citizens are hardly able to have a night of disturbance-free sleep. Most senior citizens wake up several times a night owing for their need to urinate, or due to external disturbances, or because their sleep cycles are quite shorter than before.

However, senior citizens need to sleep as much as they can to remain healthy. You can ensure that your aged parents get a good night’s sleep with the held of a wonderful new bed comforter. Get them a single comforter in a design and colour that they will like, from a leading bed linen brand in India. You can order the comforter online and have it delivered to your parent, or to your own house if your parent lives with you.

How To Care For The Comforter

Bed comforters from leading bed linen brands in India offer fuss-free products that do not require any special care and maintenance. However, in the interests of increasing longevity of the product and ensuring effective use over a longer period of time, do note these thumb rules for comforter maintenance:

  • Do not wash the comforter in hot or boiling water. Cool or cold water in the washing machine will do.
  • Use your usual detergent and set the machine to ‘Tumble dry’ setting.
  • Do not dry clean or bleach the comforter. These will ruin the thread count and colouring.
  • Dry the comforter in shade, avoiding direct sunlight and areas of dust.

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