Dandruff – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Dandruff is a very common skin condition that mostly affects our scalp but it can also occur in any part of the body consisting hair follicles, on the ears, eyebrows, at the side of the nose, beard and even chest. Dandruff can be found in babies as well as adults, that is, it can affect any individual regardless of their age and skin type. For some people are more inclined in experiencing dandruffs while some get it occasionally. However, we will discuss below some of the very common Dandruff Causes and Treatment.

Even though they are not so harmful, they may make you embarrassed at public gatherings as many may feel insecure to stand near you that will make you feel uncomfortable and unhygienic. Some of the common factors that triggers dandruffs to appear on your scalp and other body parts would be oily or irritated skin which is also known as Seborrhoea dermatitis, oily scalp, poor hygienic conditions like not brushing your hair, extremes of weather like very hot and humid or very cold and dry, seldom washing of hair, deprived of proper immunity system, chronic diseases, anxiety and beauty products containing harmful chemicals.

You can easily spot your scalp to be affected with dandruff if you experience symptoms like itchy scalp, scaly appearance of the akin on your face, persistent ear eczema, redness and rashes over ears, nose and eyebrows, white flakes visible on your shoulders when you wear dark coloured fabrics, beard and chest rashes with red spots and dry flakes.

So far on Dandruff Causes and Treatment we have learnt how it is caused and what its symptoms are. Now we will emphasize on what can be done it get rid of dandruffs from your skin permanently. One of the best practices is to wash your hair daily with anti-dandruff or anti-fungus shampoo containing ingredients like ketoconazole, selenium sulphide, zinc pyrithione, coal tar, salicylic acids and tea-tree oil. A little exposure to the sunlight also helps in treating dandruffs off your head. Staying calm and stress-free is also vital as dandruffs can be easily triggered when you are anxious and depressed.

However, Dandruff Causes and Treatment can be easily traced and implemented at home as it is not a very serious condition but if you experience extremes of complications like redness, itchiness and flakes you should immediately consult a doctor, especially a dermatologist who will suggest the best precautions for your condition.

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