Causes and Treatments for Misaligned Teeth

Incisors, canines, premolars, and molars – all of the teeth in our mouth are placed, aligned, and designed in proportion, naturally. This jaw alignment not only gives shape to our face but also brings out our unique personality. It even plays a big role in our eating habits and how our bodies derive nutrition from food. In short, well-aligned teeth play a crucial role in our oral health and overall well-being.

Each individual has a unique set of pearly whites and is a great source of confident and healthy smiles. But, not all of us are blessed with this ideal oral placement. Misaligned teeth are a reality of millions of patients who suffer from self-esteem, poor health, and digestive ailments. The crooked teeth, crowding of teeth, protruding teeth, chipped teeth are some of the signs of misaligned teeth. 

Causes of Misaligned Teeth

There are many reasons or causes of misalignment. Sometimes, crooked teeth are passed on to future generations due to heredity. Crowding, having too many teeth, jaw bite, poor tooth or palate development can cause misalignment in the younger generation.

Though we cannot control the genetics for oral development, poor oral hygiene is also a major cause why many kids face crooked teeth. Gingivitis, a kind of gum disease can evolve into periodontitis, which can loosen, shift and even cause downfall to oral health.

Bad oral habits while growing up like thumb sucking and not eating nutritious food can also result in mouth breathing and displace natural tooth alignment.

Treatments of Misaligned Teeth

Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry that diagnoses and corrects the malpositioned teeth and jaws and misaligned bite patterns. It also helps patients safeguard a more attractive smile, better teeth functioning, correction of jaw bite, and better long-term health of teeth and gums. It even guides permanent teeth into more favorable areas for better shape and jaw alignment. 

There are different kinds of braces that help orthodontists secure the corrected jaw line and well-aligned smiles for their patients. The braces work as a mould and put gentle pressure on the gums to correct the misaligned teeth. Due to this, the teeth come back to their proper positions. The brackets placed on teeth and the archwire that connects them are the main components of orthodontic treatment. They help to put pressure on the gums and bring the teeth to their new, ideal positions. 

Expert orthodontists use different types of braces based on each misaligned jaw’s condition and its unique needs. With time and innovations, a variety of orthodontic braces are available in the UAE to aid and support the jawline and health of children, teens, and adults in suitable budget options. 

Specialist orthodontists in the UAE are quick to decide which brace, a retainer will fit their patient precisely. Particularly, the patients who are particular about looks and appearance, there are invisible aligners, clear and removable dental braces to suit the customized needs.

Besides the conventional metal braces, there are clear and ceramic braces that match the tooth colour and are vaguely noticeable due to their translucent make. These are very popular among teens and adult patients who are concerned about their cosmetic appearance. 

Removable clear aligners like Invisalign® are excellent at straightening teeth in an almost invisible way. They click onto the upper jawline and can be removed when necessary. 


With the latest advancements and innovations in place, we can easily ensure the recovery of misaligned teeth and their journey to normalcy over a course of time. In the UAE, the probability of successful implementation of braces in an orthodontic treatment is high, thanks to the precision in technology and highly qualified orthodontists who believe that misaligned smiles can be corrected with proper intervention and care.

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