Bisleri's Quality Efforts - How Every Drop Is Absolutely Pure and Safe

Bisleri is committed to providing its customers healthy, safe, and pure drinking water. Its water can service made the purchase of large quantities of water easier and more convenient. 

They promise goodness of minerals that guarantee purity. The water before reaching you it gets tender love and care. The water can service is carried out with great care and involves several tests for its purification. Broadly, there are 10 steps involved in the Quality Process. 

  1. Collection & Purification- The collected water goes through a quality check. After careful collection, the water moves to the next step of purification.
  2. Ozonisation- In this step, the harmful bacteria gets killed by ozone.
  3. Sand Filter- up to 30 microns of unwanted particles are removed by the sand filter.
  4. Carbon Filter- Double filtration helps in getting rid of odour, colour, and harmful chemicals.
  5. Reverse Osmosis- The reverse osmosis helps in getting rid of excess salts and minerals.
  6. Mineralisation- The addition of the right amount of minerals such as potassium and magnesium compounds takes place in this step. It makes water healthier and adds sweetness. 
  7. Microns-Filtration- In this step, the smallest of particles are removed.
  8. Re-ozonisation- The sealed bottles are re-ozonised to help maintain their quality and purity.
  9. Careful Bottling- The bottles are carefully packaged to avoid external contamination. 
  10. Quality control- The last step involves printing batch number, manufacturing location, time, and date. Every batch of Bisleri bottles is checked to meet the set standards.

There are further 114 tests done to ensure safe drinking water can service. They are as follows:

  1. A total of 11 tests are done every 3 months ensuring the chemical, sensorial and microbiological properties of untreated water. 
  2. For the colour and taste of water, 7 tests are done. 
  3. 9 tests are carried out to determine the presence of toxic substances such as LED, Mercury, Arsenic, etc. These tests are done once every 6 months. 
  4. 2 tests are carried out to check the presence of certain radioactive residues such as Beta and Alpha emitters. These radioactive residues are harmful. Therefore, these tests are done every 2 years.
  5. Organoleptic and physical tests are carried out to ensure all parameters like chemical and sensory elements (TDS level, colour, taste, and PH level) are being met.
  6. 25 General parameters tests are carried out to check all chemical parameters are being met as per the legal requirements such as magnesium, calcium, alkalinity, etc. 
  7. 16 tests are done to check the level of pesticides. 
  8. Another 4 tests are done for the detection of the type and number of micro-organisms in the untreated water. The source water goes through several tests to get manufacturing approval. 
  9. Similarly, many other tests are carried out for thorough cleaning and purification. A total of 18 microbiological tests are done. 
  10. Six (06) tests are done to ensure quality, customer satisfaction, and safety. 
  11. Three (03) tests are done to check the shelf life of the product. 
  12. Two (02) tests are done to check optimum environmental conditions. This is known as the Aerobic micro-test. The concentration of ozone is tested in the packed product on an hourly basis. 

The quality process of Bisleri mineral water is impressive. Other brands such as Vedica, Fonzo, Limonata, Spyci, and Bisleri soda were all launched under Bisleri. You can avail the Bisleri@doorstep feature of the website to avail the water can service. The water can service is available on the official website of Bisleri. Every drop of Bisleri promises quality and taste. 

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