5 Classic Gujarati Street Foods to Try in Ahmedabad

One of the most wonderful cities to visit in India is Ahmedabad, often known as Amdavad, which has an intriguing fusion of culture, history, and modern appeal. Additionally, the city has a thriving street food scene and is regarded as a sanctuary for foodies. The selection of delights here is enormous, ranging from dhokla and fafda to vada pav and locha. Gujaratis are well known for their love of both sweet and savory meals, so this should come as no surprise. You can always get local street cuisine in India, no matter where you travel. The street food scene in Ahmedabad is growing and has unique dishes. Of course, there are the traditional favorites too! So, hop on a New Delhi to Ahmedabad flight now to taste these exceptional food items and tantalize your tastebuds.

1. Fafda- Jalebi

The best dish to eat in Ahmedabad is fafda-jalebi. This amazing sweet-savory snack is regarded as one of the city’s top breakfast options. While jalebis are produced using a batter of chickpea flour and all-purpose flour and dipped in sugar syrup, fafdas are made with chickpea flour and spices. The ideal way to enjoy them is with a hot beverage. However, you may eat them individually. Fafda-jalebi is the first breakfast item you must taste the next time you are in Ahmedabad. 

2. Khaman Dhokla

Khaman, sometimes referred to as khaman dhokla, is one of Ahmedabad’s favourite street meals. Chickpea flour batter, spices, and a leavening agent are combined to create this savory, steaming, soft, and fluffy cake. Khaman is a must-try because of the flavorful tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves, chilies, coriander leaves, and shredded coconut. Considering how many restaurants and street vendors serve it across the city, you may easily sample it while on a tour of the area. Make sure to pack some and take it on your Ahmedabad to Delhi flight back home.

3. Khandvi

This popular Gujarati snack is tasty, healthy, and high in protein. Khandvi is a low-calorie snack that you may enjoy guilt-free since it is made with chickpea flour, curd, ginger-green chili paste, and spices. It resembles an intricately cut and beautifully rolled-up sheet that is mixed with sesame seeds, mustard seeds, and other spices. You are certain to enjoy it, it is as delicious as it appears!

4. Vada Pav

This well-liked Maharashtrian street cuisine is also quite famous in Ahmedabad. A bun or pav is split down the middle, substantial amounts of green and garlic chutney are spread over, and then a fried batata vada is sandwiched between. Vada Pav is served with fried green peppers and green chutney. Vada Pav is a well-liked evening snack that is best eaten with a steaming cup of tea or coffee.

5. Maska Bun

Both locals and tourists love to stop for this simple yet excellent roadside snack. It may appear to be a typical bun, but inside it is a blend of butter and fresh cream. The natives refer to this concoction as “maska.” Buns are heated over medium heat while being generously filled with maska to prepare the snack, often enjoyed with a hot cup of tea. Make sure to select ‘round trip’ when booking your Delhi to Ahmedabad flight, so that all your details are in one place.

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