Lip-Smacking Beverages to Try in Kolkata This Summer

In April 2023, the temperature in Kolkata exceeded 40°C. It is the highest temperature recorded in the city so far. Nevertheless, summer will still be there for 2-3 months more. If you visit Kolkata in this scorching heat, you must be thinking of ways to beat the heat. The best way to do that is by refreshing your senses with some cool beverages. Just catch a Bangalore to Kolkata flight and try these top delicious drinks in the city, this summer.

Mango Lassi

Both Indians and foreign tourists love this refreshing beverage. It is prepared thick and served with nice toppings of khoya and dry fruits. This is the kind of mango lassi that you’ll certainly get in Esplanade. Food bloggers from different places have tried it, loved it, and shared it with the world. You can find the beverage beside K.C. Das in Esplanade and also try the conventional lassi there.

Ice Cream Lassi Shake

This cool and delicious shake can feel like a creamy relief melting in your mouth and down your throat on a hot day. It is made by combining milk with ice cream of different flavours and topped with syrups of your choice. It doesn’t only look like a dream summer drink but also is one for real. If you wish to try it, your destination is Hatibagan. 

Doodh Cola

This unique beverage is a must-try after you deboard your Bangalore to Kolkata flight ends. And if you want to taste the best version of it, head straight to Balwant Singh Dhaba. The dhaba is popular not just for lassis but even doodh cola. It is a wonderful amalgamation of aerated cola and cold milk. The beverage has become a favourite of people from far and wide. If you are a tea-lover, you can try lip-smacking desi chai here.

Daab Sherbat

The top place where you can try this beverage is Paramount Cold Drinks & Syrups near College Square. Starting in 1918, it is among the most popular and oldest juice corners in North Kolkata. The most-in-demand item in this shop is daab sherbat, prepared by mixing coconut water with coconut pulp or malai. Among other drinks that they specialise in making, you can try their Kesar Malai.

Chocolate Tea

Although this is not a cool beverage, you would surely love it simply because of its divine taste. It is made by adding chocolate syrup to milk tea and topping it with Little Hearts and a generous amount of chocolate chips. The way they are decorated makes the beverage quite irresistible while the special recipe makes it a paradise for all chai-lovers. The best place to enjoy this tea is Tripti Tea Stall near Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station. If you are a fan of lassi, you can also try their special malai kesar lassi and chocolate lassi. If you can’t get over these drinks, try preparing them at home after you return on your Kolkata to Bangalore flight and surprise your loved ones with the blast of flavours that these beverages are.

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