9Stacks Review: Best Poker Site For Newbies & Pros Alike

9Stacks is one of India’s most popular poker sites, where players can play poker online. From the minute you land on this online poker site, it is clear that the brand provides a seamless user interface. This online poker room is an utter favourite among newbies in poker for its endless list of free to enter tourneys. Our 9Stacks reviewarticle will shed light on why this online poker room is the best poker site for newbies and poker pros.  

9Stacks, a prominent online poker site in India, adheres to safe gaming standards. The brand aims to create a secure and trustworthy atmosphere in which players can play poker online without any fears.

Minimum Age Requirement On 9Stacks

The minimum age to play on 9Stacks is 18 years. The online poker room states that any participant under the legal age limit will be barred from playing on the site.

The poker brand does not allow peer-to-peer transfers. All transactions happen between 9stacks and your account on 9stacks. 9stacks does not allow for cashout without KYC verification. No cash transactions are permitted on 9stacks. Only bank transactions are allowed to players.

In our 9Stacks review,  will we also tell you how you can sign up on this poker site.

● Add your mobile number. Click on request OTP. Enter the OTP.

● Add your email address for verification. Click on request OPT. Verify your email address.

● Now enter your username, password and select your state. Click on the boxes which are applicable to you, including the one which states that you are 18 years and above. Click on create account.

Alternatively, you can also sign up on 9stacks via Gutshot. The process remains the same but the rewards of signing up via Gutshot are boundless. Click here to sign up on 9stacks via Gutshot.

Our 9Stacks review would be incomplete without mentioning key features of this online poker room. 9stacks employs the now-famous dual-chip method. This method became famous owing to its seamless and efficient method in which it manages players’ winnings.

When a player logs into his/her 9stacks account, they will see 2 kinds of chips.

  • User chips: These can be seen in your user balance
  • Poker chips: These can be seen in your Poker Balance

When you register on 9stacks for the first time, both user and poker chips balance will be zero.

User Account Balance

When players deposit funds via any listed transfer gateways, their money is credited to their user balance. This balance is always accessible, and players can withdraw money from it whenever they need to.

Poker Balance

This balance represents your active funds in the form of poker chips. Money deposited is converted into chips as participants transfer funds to their 9stacks account. Prize money or bonus money is credited to this poker balance, and you can use this balance to play more poker games.

Sign up via Gutshot

When you sign up on 9stacks via Gutshot Magazine, you get ₹200 completely FREE. Yes, you get free money for just registering on 9stacks. Isn’t that super cool? Of course, it is. Remember, when you sign up via Gutshot use code: 9GUTSHOT. As a Gutshot player on 9stacks, you will be showered with some exclusive deals, offers, bonuses, exclusive freerolls and a lot more. All this information about 9stacks is added in our 9stacks review so that players can benefit when they sign up.

9stacks review cannot be complete without the mention of 9stacks special. There are two tourneys under 9stacks special. First is the Afternoon Special with ₹40K GTD and buy-in of ₹550. This tourney is hosted daily at 1.30 PM. Second is the Evening Special with ₹75K and buy-in of ₹990. This tourney is hosted daily at 8.30 PM. Poker tournaments and poker promotions are in abundance on 9stacks. Trust us when we say you will not be disappointed with 9stacks’ product offerings.

Finally to conclude this 9stacks review article we would like to say that if you are a newbie or a seasoned poker pro you will have a gala time on 9stacks. This poker site has a lot to offer. 

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